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Scoring Multiple Answer questions

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Hello Quizzes.Next Community,

Recently there has been some confusion about our plans for how Multiple Answer questions will be handled. This discussion unfortunately started as a comment thread on a user guide, which means many of us were at a disadvantage in noticing it. Some baseless concerns seem to have taken root and so it's important to clear things up.

A Multiple Answer question is very similar to a Multiple Choice except that more than one choice can comprise the correct answer. To get full credit, the student must select all of the designated choices. It is common that this question type offers a partial credit scoring option.

Quizzes.Next currently supports all-or-nothing scoring for the Multiple Answer question type and we will not be removing or changing this. We are considering the addition of a partial scoring option. Both scoring approaches would be available and when building an assessment, the teacher's preferred scoring option could be set for each Multiple Answer question.

We are interested in getting some more feedback about these scoring options and any others you may be interested in for the Multiple Answer question type. Please consider sharing your thoughts here.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


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Hi Kevin, 

The partial scoring is applied in Canvas Quiz too. I am not using Quizzes.Next, still my quiz assignment in my courses gives my student partial scoring in case of Multiple Answer Questions. Is there any way I can edit this option, If I do not want the partial scoring? Please do let me know, how I can edit the partial scoring option.


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Hi  @dsengupta .  There is not current a way to edit this option, but you may find this post from  @kblack  useful, particularly if the quiz enhancement option may work for you, Full Credit or No Credit for Multiple Correct Answers in Quizzes.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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It is very frustrating that this option is not included, especially since it is done with standard Quizzes. This is a big part of why I have not migrated to using Quizzes.Next.

I would just point out that most in this thread appear to be requesting additional options which, if provided, would not prevent your still using the current settings - so would not disrupt your year-to-year accountability reporting.

I'd like to second Connie's comments. My institution would prefer in most cases to give partial credit in these quizzes. It's one of the show stoppers that have held us back from using Quizzes.Next.

Is there an update to this question? Just curious.

Hi 18shumwaysam,

I'm one of the documentation specialists that is part of the Canvas Doc Team. I haven't heard anything updates from our Quizzes.Next team about when this change might be implemented. I do know that they are aware that it is a highly-requested feature addition from our users. Thanks for your comment!


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I need this feature. Sooner than later. 

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Hello Kevin,

Thank you for starting this thread.

As ericwerth explains above, there are a number of reasons to allow for partial credit in Multiple Answer type questions. Having ONLY 'all-or-nothing' scoring for Multiple Answer questions is one of the reasons I am not yet using Quiizes.Next (New Quizzes). I realize that some programs need the all-or-nothing' scoring, but it limits the rest of us - making those Multiple Answer type questions unavailable (given how we intend to use them). I would like to see instructors able to decide when constructing the quiz questions.

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Our institution would like to see this happen.  Nevin Young hit it on the head.  In fact, when we looked at Canvas, this was a question asked and the answer was yes, we could do partial credit.

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Has the partial credit functionality for Multiple Answer questions been added?