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Should settings for a quiz migration be set in Quizzes.Next if supported?

Looking at, I would expect the supported items to have migrated correctly from Quizzes to Quizzes.Next, but am seeing quite a few problems. 

For the following settings in Quizzes, should they migrate correctly to Quizzes.Next? 

Time Limit: x MinutesNo time limit in migrated quiz
Allow multiple attempts, Quiz Score to Keep, Allowed AttemptsStudents are only able to take the quiz once
Let students see their quiz responses - uncheckedStudents see correct/incorrect answers immediately after submission

A lot of time will be spent by instructors going through every single question, (especially if they set shuffling answers globally - see, to fix them, now they will also spend significant time fixing settings for things I would expect to have migrated correctly.

If the settings should migrate if supported, I'll file a ticket. 

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Community Contributor

I went ahead and created a ticket for this.

Community Contributor

From Canvas support:

I would be happy to help. I looked into your question about Quizzes.Next and settings not coming over when you migrate a Quizzes.Classic quiz. I went and worked with a colleague of mine in the next level of support to dig into this question. It looks like, currently, the only thing supported with the Migration feature, is to import the Quiz Questions.

Community Champion

Yes, the settings don't transfer over as others have mentioned.  In case it's useful, in my testing these are the additional areas in which migration isn't working for me currently, but let me know if I'm wrong on any of these.  I'm happy to share my test cases as well if others would find it useful.

  • Single Fill in the Blank questions do not migrate.
  • Answer level feedback does not migrate.  Question level feedback does. (there is no answer level feedback in Quizzes.Next so this make sense).
  • ALT text does not migrate
  • Some line spacing does not transfer in questions.  Typically double spacing becomes single.
  • Fill in the Blank questions will transfer over as case sensitive. (this is the default in Quizzes.Next so this makes sense)
  • Multiple Drop down and Fill in the Blank questions do not transfer with rich text formatting. (there is no rich text formatting in Quizzes.Next so this makes sense)
  • Equation editor equations transfer but are not editable with the new editor. 
  • Matching and Multiple Answer are now all/none grading. (this is not a migration issue, just a change). 
  • Cannot migrate question banks, (export then import?)
  • Quizzes using groups with questions inline will not transfer.  (pull questions out of groups?)
  • Due date, availability dates, instructions transfer over.  Any quiz specific settings do not transfer.
  • Quizzes migrate as unpublished. 
  • Added to my list Smiley Happy when instructors want to shuffle answers, will need to add this option on a question by question basis (no global setting in Quizzes.Next so this makes sense)


Community Contributor

Thanks for posting your test results,  @kroeninm  ! 

For the shuffling, I did create an idea:

For question banks, I did figure out a rather tedious way to get around the random quizzes with question banks ( but this is not very efficient if a user has many random quizzes/question banks.

It just seems switching to Quizzes.Next is going to be so much work for instructors.

Community Champion

Ah thank you!  I knew I saw some documentation on a good approach for Groups but we're not yet to the migration stage so it was on my back burner.  Bookmarked. Smiley Wink