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Sorting Item Banks

I'm sorry if this information is out there already, I"m an admin that also teaches. I've been using new quizzes for the past year and a half. I've created a lot of item banks and now I'm having a hard time finding them because as an admin I see all item banks.

Does anyone know if there will be any other sorting options coming out other than by bank name? For example, I created a midterm bank called midterm and so did a lot of other instructors. Being able to sort by the user that created the bank or by courses it's linked to would be really helpful in sorting through this. I also don't remember all of my bank names, I never thought I would have to sort through all of them to find the ones I created. 

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I have the same issue. In the interim, I’ve renamed all of my Item Banks to include my last name. 

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@dorgant I am in the same situation. Just like @dobsocl , I am naming all my item banks to being with @ and then my initials. I'm hoping that eventually we'll be able to search by author (or people that are in the sharing circle) and other fields.

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I am experiencing the same issue- as admin, I can see every item bank used in the district.   I created assessment item banks for my blueprint courses.  I had a very difficult time finding my actual item banks.  I renamed my item banks with a 1- in front so they all show up first.  However, they were difficult to locate.

If there were a way to filter by author, perhaps, that would be very helpful.  Searching by name didn't work all the time because there were duplicate names of item banks.

Thank you.