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Stop students being able to see Quiz answers and questions after the quiz has been taken.

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My students have just sat a closed book exam using the quizzes next. Reading through the forum, feature comparison list and other members questions question, it appears that we cannot turn stop the student seeing their questions responses they have submitted and their answers nor the correct answers.


This is a huge problem for me, as we do not want student to see and record the questions after the exam has finished, otherwise the questions are disseminated to other students within the year and also to future years via facebook etc. It now means I may have to throw out the questions I have just asked as we can not use them again.


I understand the beta side of things, but this feature was requested in Nov 2017 and to me seems like one of the most important functions that needs to be developed ASAP.

As my exam is still being marked (essay questions and some students need to take the exam in the future), I have had to resort to removing the "grade" and "assignment"  and "People" from the left hand student menu, so student will not be able to navigate to the assignment  (via grade or assignment menu) nor to their submission results. Then when the exam is marked and all student have sat the exam, I will need to export their grades, delete the exam and all attempts / submission details and then manually import the students grades again to try to preserve the validity of our questions for future years.


Could we please have this feature developed and functional urgently as this feature has been asked many time over the last few months?  Has anyone found any other work around?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Olaf,

Just to catch up in this thread, options are available to restrict student results. Check out the end of this lesson 



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @a1640884  and welcome to the Canvas Community!.  I haven't found a way around this, but hope someone else has.  I would agree that it is one of the most important features to be added as the inability to hide answers from students prevents a number of our faculty from being able to use Quizzes LTI.

All the best--

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This is an absolute must-have for us. For summative, high-stakes exams, students absolutely should not be able to see anything but their total score, and only when we release it to them (via unmute). This works fine in the current Quizzes tool. Please don't break this functionality (AKA, ability to hide question level results/feedback) in Quizzes.Next!!

NOTE: We do allow students to see question level feedback, but we do it in a controlled setting, in a finite time/space, where answers cannot be easily shared with others. And, we do NOT use Canvas tools to do this exam review; we use an Excel Mail Merge on the Student Analysis CSV to produce ephemeral student answer sheets.

Hi Emily,

I'm fairly new to Quizzes.Next so I might be misinterpreting things but I think this has been fixed?  There is a series of granular options for releasing quiz results, more granular than with classic Quizzes.  The one that is missing right now is the date release functionality but below is what the student sees with the various combinations of settings (as of last week when I tested it).

Let me know if I'm going in the wrong area though, I would definitely be interested if there is a way around these options for the student to see too much!  From what I can tell though it's an improvement over the current tool (in this one area at least Smiley Happy)

Quizzes.Next Results - Google Docs 


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Thank you, Melanie. The documentation is a little fuzzy. But, I think restrict student result view to "Show points awarded checkmarked only" is the option that I'm looking for. Yes, that looks fine. 

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In the future, New Quizzes will be moved and shown somewhere more useful. You will eventually not have to go to the Assignments page to do it anymore, because all the other settings will move into one section. However, some features like Anonymous Grading features may no longer work, especially when creating a survey.


Set the availability dates for the assessment, as well as when the results will be released to the students.

Open Deploy Tab


You can set the availability dates (known as deployments) for the assessment without having to go back to the Assignments page. Like the regular Quizzes tool, you can have multiple deployments. This can come in handy if you have student groups and don't want all the groups to take the assessment at the same time.


Edit Deployment Details


  1. NAME
    Give a name for your availability date group!
    Set the date ranges for your assessment.
    Select when to release the results to the students, based on the settings in Restrict student result view. At this time, there is no way to hide the results after a certain date.
    Select whom to assign the assessment to. Do you want to assign it to certain users, groups, or even campuses? You can! The total number of students expected to take it will be shown on the bottom left corner.


Release Results

You can set when you want to release the results to students. Do you want to release them manually, or release them at a certain date and time? This setting can work with Restrict Student Result View. Keep in mind, unlike the old quizzes where the responses are shown without the correct answers, New Quizzes does not. The responses and result views must be released at the same time.

A few scenarios include releasing the responses with/without the correct answers shown, etc.

Schedule Results Release


You will not be able to hide the results at a schedule, only manually. The Recall Results button will hide the results and responses from students.


Release Results


Give a creative name for your deployment group!


The current status of the assessment

  • Draft: The teacher is creating the assessment.
  • Pending: The assessment has not been deployed yet.
  • Live: The assessment is currently available.
  • Closed: The availability dates have passed.


The availability dates of your assessment, according to your time zone set in Canvas.


Shows when the results are expected to be released. You can release them sooner, if you want. To hide the results from your students at any time, select Recall Results.


The expected number of students in the selected group to take the assessment.

The show/hide results schedule is still not available yet, but that was an overview of how it will look like when the feature rolls out.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Olaf,

Just to catch up in this thread, options are available to restrict student results. Check out the end of this lesson 



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