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Submission Notification

In the FAQ for New Quizzes, it says there is no way to add a quiz to the "To Do" list because "Canvas cannot distinguish if the lack of a grade or (if) the passed grade represents the fully graded contents of the quiz”.  But when I go to SpeedGrader for the quiz, it tells me "The following questions need review". I know those are two different systems, but there must be some way to take that flag from SpeedGrader and toggle it on the "To Do" list.  Or at the very least, put a notification for every submission.

Am I missing some setting that will let teachers know when there is a submission?  When teaching asynchronous classes, some students may be submitting assignments from week 5 while others are on week 1.  We can't be checking every assignment!

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Our teachers have the same complaints about not receiving notifications of late or submitting New Quizzes.