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Sync to SIS, Direct share and New Quizzes

Good Morning, 

As a teacher trainer,  I need clarity on two questions with New Quizzes

1 - Can a teacher create a new quiz then use Direct Share to copy to another course or to send to another teacher? 

2 - Can Sync to SIS be used with New Quizzes? 

Thank you in advance for you responses.   I have viewed the weebinar on New Quizzes and the Implementation plan that was posted. 


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Hi @srea , great questions, I hadn't tested the "Send to" function so I'm not sure about the Sync question but when I did a test to answer your second question, it worked fairly well (and as expected based on current functionality).

If use the Send To option on a New Quiz:

  • Similar to a course copy, the quiz is sent to the teacher, when the teacher imports it, it appears in the module that was selected and imports as unpublished.  
  • If the quiz contains questions in an Item Bank, the quiz is imported in a way that can be previewed and can be taken by students but the Item Bank is not shared with the new teacher and the new teacher cannot view and access or edit the questions outside of the preview mode. With current functionality the original teacher could help out the new teacher by completing a second step and sharing the bank with them with view or edit privileges.

Note: I see in the Item Banks that there is a filter for Institutional Banks and Course Banks, so I'm hopeful this process will smooth out in the future when copying or sharing Item Banks more auto-magically as the mention of "course banks" is new since I last played with new quizzes.