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Timeline update in October 2020?

At the top of ttps://, it says: 

UPDATE: 2020-10-15

Because of educational challenges from COVID-19, the New Quizzes timeline has been adjusted. The date for New Quizzes to be enabled in all Canvas accounts has been postponed until July 2021. However, Classic Quizzes can continue to be used along with New Quizzes until announced. The Timeline will continue to be updated with further details when available.

Does this mean that the previous timeline (the one that says "last updated on 2020-05-21", below) of turning on New Quizzes for all accounts has been pushed out to July 2021 and that Classic Quizzes will be available for students to take quizzes in after July 2021?  I'm reading "enabled" in the update above as meaning "turned on for all courses" , but wanted to double check.  

The "last updated on 2020-05-21" (below) had July 2021 as the date when students would no longer be able to take Classic Quizzes.



We're starting to develop migration / communication / training plans for this tool, and having some clarity around this change would help. 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @dave-long 

The image was removed from the page intentionally as it is outdated. Please stay tune for updates to the timeline as they are made available.



Thanks Erin!

So, New Quizzes will be turned on for all courses in July 2021, and Classic Quizzes will continue to be available after July 2021, with the "prevent quiz create and prevent student attempt/submit" change for Classic Quizzes taking place at a future date?    

I'm reading "enabled" in the update above as meaning "turned on for all courses" , but wanted to double check.


Community Member

Curious about the time delay for reports of any kind being 24 hours?  Also, live updates while moderating with more detail are essential.

These both need to be  critical features ASAP.  Monitoring and assisting students remotely requires information in real time.  Teachers can not wait 24 hour after every assessment to be able access meaningful data about the results.