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URGENT! - New Quizzes problems that need immediate attention

The New Quizzes tool is plagued with problems. It doesn't support dynamic links, Blueprints won't Sync when New Quizzes are edited, instructors have to click the breadcrumb link to open a New Quiz, when courses are copied or imported to the next semester all New Quizzes import as "unpublished", authors of Question Banks have to Share them w/ other users, and negative numbers don't display in Math questions when using the LaTex tool in RCE. The list is endless. Our users need reassurance that these problems will be fixed before July 2022. What say ye? So far, we have not seen any evidence that these improvements are being made.

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I couldn't agree more with @dbutter7 .  New Quizzes is thus far an epic failure that has us looking for alternatives and longing for our days on Moodle.  It is not just the lack of feature parity with Classic quizzes, but the stability of the whole LTI.  With the deprecation of Classic quizzes we are left with a core function that behaves more like an Alpha product than something that should be production.  Our students from the previous term had numerous system failures on their final exams.

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Our faculty are extremely anxious about the conversion of old to new quizzes, especially with relation to question banks vs. item banks. The hundreds of hours invested in Canvas course development should not have to be lost in simply upgrading their own product. 


@dbutter7 and I spoke about current feature work which addresses these issues and milestone commitments prior to migration here.  including Item Bank Management improvement released this summer and announced here.

In addition, @tess_olten Instructure will include converting question banks into New quizzes item banks as part of that milestone commitment for migration. As a milestone commitment, we are recognizing that progression toward a sunset date should not proceed without content migration from Classic to New Quizzes. 

Will Canvas Studio be integrated in the new Quizzes? Will there be other alternatives to record audio and video in the editor? I teach Spanish and I rely heavily on Canvas Studio and Canvas recordings. I do not see any option to integrate Canvas Studio videos in the new quizzes. I have tried several of the options to export and import quizzes from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes and all my media gets lost in the migration. 

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@isabel_anievas I think when the Rich Content Editor gets added to New Quizzes that there will be a way for Studio and other video tools to more easily integrate with it.

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Now that Canvas for primary grades is becoming more prevalent, I think it would be fantastic if Canvas allowed a screen reader for the question & choices. 

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Thanks! I hope so! Do we have a timeline for the Rich Content Editor update?