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I have been part of the beta for a little now and I have seen no changes with any of the functionality within the new quizzes system from the time I started using it. There are known bugs that I am still unable to work around and I never see anything about it on any of the release notes. It almost feels like it has been forgotten about. Is there a feed I should be following that shows the changes they put out and when? 



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @arnold_cassie , I am reviewing older Quizzes.Next questions to see if updates are appropriate.  I would agree that there are features in Quizzes.Next that I wish were already developed and which have been on the development plan for some time. I am encouraged that over the last year I have heard of several bugs getting fixed and recently a change was made to allow quiz responses to be hidden which was a big feature for us (see New option for hiding quiz responses in Quizzes.Next).  For now I am going to mark this question as "assumed answered", but this doesn't prevent continued discussion in this thread.

Best wishes!