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What QTI formats are currently supported in the Quizzes LTI?

We are part of the Quiz LTI Beta. We have tried a Respondus formatted file, but it is not working. Any ideas? (Reposted from Canvas Community)

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I know I've had very little luck with QTI uploads into this new quiz engine. The only one that seems to even work is where I export a quiz from Canvas and then upload it to I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this issue.

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This mirrors our experience, Tim. Can't import QTIs from Sakai or Respondus, only QTIs generated from Canvas.

Hi  @lekern and  @timothy_maw .  I am going through some of the older Quizzes.Next posts to see if issues folks experienced have been resolved or still exist, as well as determine if any of these questions can be marked "assumed answered" or if one of the responses is "correct".  Are you still experiencing issues with QTI files generated from different vendors?  I know that on this FAQ page, FAQ: Quizzes.Next, the following information is provided about QTIs but not if your experienced has changed over the last year:




To be honest, we have not really been using because of so many issues we've had with it as well as it missing functions we need. I have not checked for some time if other QTIs actually work because of this. I know that you plan on adding all of the features from legacy quizzes to and once it is at that point, we will start trying to use again.

Thanks for the update  @timothy_maw .  I have been following changes to Q.Next features as well as Instructure works on feature parity.  I was pleased to see that just recently we can hide responses from quiz takes, which is a big step forward for me.  Good luck and best wishes!

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This was filed on behalf of an instructor who was trying to import QTI

files generated by Respondus. Unfortunately, I don't have a testbed for the


Thanks  @lekern .  I'm going to go ahead and mark the question as "assumed answered" since it doesn't seem to be a question awaiting an answer, but everyone can still post replies is they have additional information in the future.