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What happens to Classic Quizzes if they aren't migrated by the time the UI End of Life Timeline?

I read the timeline here but am still questioning what happens to classic quizzes that don't get migrated.

From my understanding, teachers will not be able to create a classic quiz after July 2022.  In July 2026 the Classic Quiz engine disappears completely.

Here are my questions:

In August 2022 when a teacher goes to copy content from last year's course into this year's course, will a classic quiz in the old course automatically be converted to a New Quiz?


In August 2026 if, for some reason, a teacher copies content from a course that still has a classic quiz in it, will the classic quiz be converted or will we no longer be able to access that classic quiz?


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Good question!

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Excellent point. Many courses are only taught every two years. No one thinks in advance about anything other than the immediate semester.

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I agree; 6 months, even 12 months, does not seem enough, especially for those who just onboarded with Canvas and are still in the conversion process.  

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