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What happens to my questions when I copy the Canvas Course

When I imported a Canvas course to another course, the questions in the Quiz did not copy.  Is this expected?  What do I need to do to get the questions to copy when I import from another Canvas course?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi mcarruth‌, and thank you for asking this question!

I just tested this, because it is one of the things I had not yet tried, and you are correct. This poses a huge challenge to the brave faculty I coerced into participating with this beta. They are mostly making their new quizzes in a sandbox, then plan to copy them into live sections for student testing. Fixing this is a must!



Support of the course copy functionality is in design and will be made available prior to general availability of the toolset.

Woo hoo, Jason!

thank you!


I tried this today and it copied the title, but not the questions. I decided to re-create the questions to add them in the new course. It let me do so, but now whenever I click on the "Return" button it takes me back to the original course, not the course the content was copied into.

Hey Deactivated user, does this include supporting quiz-sharing through Commons, as well, or JUST the course copy functionality?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello mcarruth.  I have been going through older Quizzes.Next questions to see if any updates to the question threads or status (answered, assumed answered, etc.) are appropriate.  I am not sure if you or A00301621have tried a course copy since general availability of Quizzes.Next, but I just tested with a couple of sandbox courses and it looks as though the quiz itself does copy from one course shell to another.  Has this been your experience as well?  If so then I will indicate the question has been answered or you can mark one of the responses as correct.  Thanks!

Hi  @steven_park .  I am not sure if you have attempted recently, but I tried sharing a Quizzes.Next assignment via the Canvas Commons and it did not work.  As described in this question however, Looking for Quizzes.Next Examples, if I share an entire course through the Canvas Commons, then the questions for a Quizzes.Next assignment appear to transfer ok but they cannot be edited or added to an existing question bank for the new user.  I just thought I would bring this up in case it helps in any way!