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When will the new Quzzing functions be completed?

My institution was recently asked to look at the new quiz options/functions.  The new quiz options/functions did not appear to be ready just yet.  Does anyone have any idea when the new quizzing options/functions are expected to be ready?


Here are the major limitations we ran into


Exam Settings:

  • Students are able to view the correct answers after they have finished the exam.  There is no way to disable this.
  • Exam passwords not hidden while being typed in.
  • There is no Preview option to view the exam as a student without going into Canvas's Student View; there is no notification within Quizzes LTI that you are in Student View or not.



  • Importing .zip files from Canvas Proper does not work if the imported quiz was using their own question banks. (This prevents multiple banks from being imported at once.)
  • You can only import a question once per question bank.
  • Cannot import more than once per LTI question bank or quiz.


Question Banks:

  • Question Banks are linked to user accounts and not to Courses sites.  This will be a major problem for course migrations between terms as well as multiple instructors and TAs working on a single course throughout a given term.


Exam Questions:

  • File downloads as external links within questions do not work when the file is saved within Canvas.  If the file is linked from Canvas, it will preview the file from within the Files area in Canvas. This is especially problematic when taking proctored exams because links to all course files would suddenly appear during an exam.
  • Matching questions cannot have images as an answer option.



  • Any extra time granted to a student through Monitoring will give that student extra time for ALL exams in Quizzes LTI for that course. While this is beneficial in some situations, it is a limitation for others. You cannot grant differing amounts or percentages of time to a student between exams (e.g., 50% more time on Quiz A but 25% more time on Quiz B).
  • Unable to grant extra attempts to individual students for exams. When a student encounters a technical issue after starting an exam, you cannot let him or her start a new attempt.
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Community Team
Community Team‌, we've moved this question into the Quizzes.Next User Group‌ where discussions about the beta testing are currently underway. If you're not yet a member of that group, please join by clicking on the link to the group and selecting Join Group from the Actions dropdown at the upper right of the group home page.

Community Team
Community Team

Community Member

This is a great question, and one many organisations are asking. Is it weeks? Months? Next year?



Thank you for taking the time to list out the specific functionality and features you're most focused on when considering Quizzes.Next. Our mission continues to be to solve the same problems Canvas Quizzes solved, establish an architecture that will better support future improvements and new features, and bring forward tools that enable learning.

The beta and general availability releases will not give full parity to Canvas Quizzes. And I struggle with the reality of this frequently. Building Quizzes.Next has been done entirely from a blank slate. We were not able to leverage existing systems or codebases. Even designs had to be rethought to ensure that we didn't persist past limitations that are no longer relevant. With regard to managing expectations, it has been a blessing and a curse that Canvas Quizzes has delivered millions of assessments so well. It is natural to expect that Quizzes.Next have everything Canvas Quizzes had, and it will, just not immediately.

For the sake of future readers, I'd like to remind everyone that Quizzes.Next and Canvas Quizzes will live side-by-side for quite a while (1+ years at least) and we have no plan/desire/intent/want for a hard transition date. I understand there may be some skepticism about this, but please remember that Canvas, and Instructure as a whole, are and have been different. I and the rest of the team are continuously working to improve our understanding of client workflows so that the next feature we release solves as many problems as possible, for as many people as possible, in a scalable way.

Thank you for taking the preface above into consideration. While I cannot provide dates for feature releases, please let me speak specifically to the features you have mentioned.

Exam Settings

  • We plan to implement results view and feedback visibility controls.
  • Exam passwords are not masked or hidden but they can be changed between sessions/classes, and the Moderate page will clearly show which students have started the assessment even if they backed out a moment later.
  • We plan to implement an assessment Preview option to view the assessment as a student. You can currently use Canvas Student View, which will be indicated by the standard pink window border. Be aware that there is a known limitation where Quizzes.Next will consider the Student View as a real student and reset of the data will not affect Quizzes.Next. We plan to resolve this as well so that assessment builders can fully explore.


  • If I recall correctly, questions from a question bank do not export ever, instead there is a link to the Canvas question bank which Quizzes.Next, as a separate system, does not know about or have access to. This something we are thinking about how to best address.
    If your goal is to have more than one copy of the same question in the same item bank, I'm interested in learning why this would be helpful to you.
    We plan to remove the limitation of a single import per assessment or item bank.

Question Banks

  • Quizzes.Next item banks (essentially question banks) are tied to user accounts and the upcoming feature of item bank sharing should enable the shared access desired.
  • Additionally, item bank searching will further expand access to shared content.

Exam Questions


  • Granting a student extra time via the Moderate page will apply to all assessments in the course, however this setting can be changed any time. Between assessments an update to this setting will become the relevant setting for the next assessment.
  • We plan to increase the options for granting additional attempts. Currently there is the option to enable Multiple Attempts in the Settings. This does often necessitate a review of the Moderate page to ensure other students did not take more attempts than intended.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments



Exam passwords are not masked or hidden but they can be changed between sessions/classes, and the Moderate page will clearly show which students have started the assessment even if they backed out a moment later.

I just want to mention this one in regards to a testing center. Tests aren't always taken within a classroom setting. At a testing center, students come randomly throughout the day/week. The password must be masked in order to use quizzes next for universities that use testing centers.  Just wanted to make sure that was noted! It does seem like a small thing, but for us, it means we are unable to use new quizzes until that has been implemented.  Thanks!!!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Stephen,

Just an update on this thread, we have an updated New Quizzes Feature Comparison and a timeline with some outstanding features in the home page of