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Why are there so many unanswered questions?

I'm amazed at how many good questions there are on this forum that have gone unanswered by Instructure.

This is a new tool in beta.  Shouldn't consistent, timely interaction with users trying out the new tool be a top priority for the developers?

This does not bode well...

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I have also noticed this, there seems to be little feedback going on about this new quiz engine and I do not like it.

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Echo! (echo echo echo......)
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This is definitely just a guess, but perhaps the developers are not spending much time checking for issues in this site, instead relying on being notified of issues that come in by way of contacts with CSR or tech support requests.

Or, if they don't have an answer (or don't consider the behavior to be a bug) they don't reply.

I saw the same lack of responses to issues when the quizzes tool was in beta. Several of the issues that were identified then are still present.


We are watching and we are replying to items as we can. Rest assured your comments are being reviewed. As there are many of you and just a few of us on this project, we cannot reply to each comment. We will continue to monitor this group.

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Good to know Jason!  

I'm not sure you intended to convey this but "just a few of us on this project" isn't super comforting language. 

Progress on the project seems very slow and there are just so many major elements yet to be incorporated into the new tool.  I tried using the new tool for a quick quiz in my high school classes and had to throw out the results because I couldn't figure out how to let a student take a second attempt after accidentally submitting a response.  It didn't affect my classes really as I'd figured things might go wrong - but it exposed some major gaps in the current state of the tool that didn't square with this language in the FAQ:

While the tool is usable in production, the term beta means you may still encounter some issues—mainly things around accessibility, browser issues, language translation, and maybe even uptime. 

On October 12th  @timothy_maw ‌ created this thread voicing his concern with this very issue.  

A response from Instructure (you) came over a month later indicating that this is in fact a known issue.  It was during this window of silence that I started this thread.

One way to keep us more up to date was offered by  @ctitmus ‌ and the  @jivedocs_unfede ‌.  In response to Deactivated user‌ and vanzandt‌, they said:

The next time I update documentation I will create a document in this space with a list of new items and links to documentation.

Please let us know where that document is.  I didn't see it in the FAQ or list of known issues (which is sadly out of date regarding what was described as a temporary issue).

Given the importance of a highly functional quiz tool in an LMS, I would hope this project has been allocated sufficient resources to be successful.  As someone who has been waiting over two years for a functional quiz api I hope you can sympathize with my trepidation regarding the progress made thus far.  


Sam Dickerman

Brookline High School

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Can't say they've resolved my tech support requests either.

Hi  @sam_dickerman ,

There haven't been any major features released since I left that comment, so that document doesn't exist yet. When it does, I can post a link to it here.


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Community Coach

Hi  @sam_dickerman .  I am reviewing older Quizzes.Next questions that have not been marked correct or "assumed answered" to see if any updates to these are appropriate.  I know this was posted some time ago, and see that a couple of folks from Instructure responded.  Since there has been no activity in this thread for a while, I am going to mark this as "assumed answered".  I hope this is ok.  Marking it this way does not prevent additional discussion within the thread.

Best wishes!