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Why doesn't the Assignment description display correctly in Quizzes.Next?

So the LTI user experience in the app is substandard in so many ways, but it is particularly annoying in how the quiz descriptions are handled.

First when you click on an assignment in the app you are always greeted with these "Details", saying that there is no description for this assignment. But of course, you HAVE written a description. And you would want one telling your students, "Don't waste time on this useless page but scroll over to 'Submissions', which is also useless, but you can click something there..."

The page you see when you click on an assignment in the app. It says "There is no description for this assignment."

When you get to Submissions, you have to open the external tool:

Two buttons in the

I'm about to demo this to the dean's office and other people. Neither they nor the students will know how to navigate this. The comment one would want to add is "WTF?"

But say that you persist and go to the External Tool.

Lo and behold, there in the Quizzes.Next LTI is the assignment description, which you typed into the regular Canvas Assignment section. 

The name of the assignment and a description for the student on how to type Greek.

Why not put this description in the first page? Why does this material move from Canvas to the LTI, but not other useful material, such as CSS and themes?

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Hi  @ken_i_mayer ‌,

The opportunities for some improvements to the mobile navigation aside, I'm a bit confused by what you mean and would benefit from some clarification please.

As far as I can tell, your final screen shot is the Quizzes.Next quiz title and instructions. The title is sent during LTI launch to Quizzes.Next and copied, but the instructions can only be entered from within Quizzes.Next and not Canvas. When you are saying "assignment description" could you be referring to the text entered into the "Instructions" field in Quizzes.Next?


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


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I'm sorry. You are correct. We typed in the instructions into the Quizzes.Next module.

And yet is there no way for these instructions to populate into the main Canvas instance, as soon as the instructor enters or edits them? If you can't figure out how to do it automatically, perhaps open the Canvas assignment description so instructors and designers can manually edit it to point out how to get through the byzantine App interface?

And the absolute worst part of the interface?

If you want to take the next quiz, or even retake the same one, or just go to the assignments page from whence you came, you are out of luck. You can go to the course home or your main Canvas dashboard.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad someone is looking at this rough beast.

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I think you should be able to work this around.

“Mobile view looks weird.”

Weird Views in Mobile Apps


This is not how it should look like in the Mobile apps.

You must create the assignment using the Add Assignment button. You cannot use the Add Quiz/Test button to do it.

If you click Add Quiz/Test, this is how it will look:


But we don't want that, do we? No Mastery Paths, no quiz instructions, no advanced options here. The best way is to create a quiz directly from the Add Assignment button.

Editing From Assignments

Create a name for your assessment.

Add some instructions for your quiz. You can even use the Canvas Content Selector sidebar to express your creativity. Try adding some pictures to make your students happy!

Select the assignment group.

Select how the grade will appear will look like. You can also exclude the assignment from the final grade.

All Quizzes.Next assessments will use the Quizzes 2 LTI.

  1. Underneath the Enter or find an external tool URL field, click Find.
    Find External Tool
  2. Select the Quizzes 2 LTI, then click Select.
  3. If you want to load this tool in a new tab, check the box below (advanced). If you do so, the instructions you put in the Quiz Instructions box will be shown before the "This site needs to be opened in a new browser window" text and the "Open test in a new window" button.

Allow moderators to review multiple independent grades for selected submissions, and assign provisional grades when appropriate.

Graders will be unable to view student names in SpeedGrader. All submissions will be anonymized. Recommended for surveys.

Anonymize all annotations made by instructors on submissions for this assignment in DocViewer.

Include this assignment's grades when syncing to your school's Student Information System (SIS).

By default, Canvas will set your assignment dates for everyone in your course. However, you can assign the assignment to an individual student or course section.

Create a due date for the assignment in the Due Date field. The due date will already be populated for you if you created an assignment shell, but you can change it if necessary.

You also have the option to add availability date fields.

Configure conditional items for Mastery Paths. Learn more about them in this article.
(This may not work correctly in Mobile. Although there is a MagicMarker app for iOS, which provides support for the Learning Mastery Gradebook, it has not been updated for the past 3 years.)

Case Solved!

And that's that! The message "There is no description for this assignment" will no longer appear.

(If you see the message "Couldn't find valid settings for this link" instead of the Build page while saving, check that you have selected the correct external tool and try again.)

As always, students will have the option to contact the instructor using the Message Instructor/Add Comment button if he/she is having technical issues with Quizzes.Next, or to request a grade correction.

Keep in mind, the # of points you put in Assignments and the total number of points calculated from the Build page does not necessarily need to be the same. For example, a teacher may make the test worth 5 points in the Quizzes.Next platform, but worth 10 points in the gradebook.

Make sure that you keep the number of questions shown in the assignment description aligned with the number of questions shown in the Question Navigator on the Build page.

Quizzes.Next assignment landing page

Add images to the Assignment Description to make your students happy! These pictures above can calm an emotionally distressed student down, improve his/her well-being and academic performance, and help rebuild his/her confidence. Friendly pictures are suggested.
(As a student, when I look at these types of pictures for a while, it can help lower my stress levels and increase my motivation, especially when my instructor harshly criticized me for an assignment that I denied any wrongdoing.)


Students will launch the Quizzes.Next LTI the same way as you would launch an external tool.

They will also have the option to message the instructor.


Ready? Tap Begin to get started.
Make sure that you keep critical settings (time limit, due date, # of attempts) aligned with the Assignments page to avoid any confusion from your students.
Students will not see the number of questions from the Quizzes.Next page. You should put that number of questions on the instructions from the Assignments page.


“Quizzes did not automatically submit at the due date as expected.”
This problem needs to be fixed during the next Canvas release.

That is really a big challenge, because if that were to happen, the message "You submitted this quiz late, and your answers may not have been recorded" will appear, which would result in an automatic ZERO grade for the student, according to numerous test cases that we've performed in the Classic Quizzes tool.

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Amazingly detailed response  @Kelvin_Dean ‌ - brilliant stuff.