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Why is maths quill not available in all question types?

Mathematical quizzes are often limited in their question type because there is no access to maths quill eg the response part of "fill in the blanks" ; matching questions. It would be great if it was available in all question types.

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Hi  @maree_somervill ‌,

The possible availability of the MathQuill editor is limited to where we use the rich content editor. The question stem (or prompt) presents the ability to use MathQuill for all question types. Multiple Choice, True/False, Multiple Answer, and Ordering question types all support MathQuill for their distractors.

Rich content editor, and thus MathQuill, is not available for

  • Categorization question distractors
  • Fill in the Blank question statement input and blank(s)
  • Matching question question-answer pairs

Would you please describe an example math question you would make with one of limited question types? This will help us better understand the value this would provide.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Thanks for getting back to me Kevin.

When writing quizzes for maths I have found the fill in the blank option to be one of the most common ones I use. We are wanting our students to work out an answer rather than getting them to choose from multiple choice all the time.

Also a lot of the time an answer requires the students to put in the units.

In the old quizzes if area units, eg cm2 were required, I could leave the blank for the students to fill in the numerical part of the answer and I would put the units in so that they would see what their answer needed to be. Not ideal, but the compromise.

In the new quiz, I cant even do this so my answer would be:

Area = 24 square centimetres (which is not how they would write the unit.)

Another example:

The angle y = 55 degrees. (55? being what they had to put in). It would even be ok if even I could put the o symbol in (which you can if you have access to superscript).

Matching would also be great as we would like students to be able to match an area formula to the shape eg rhombus, parallelogram etc.

Basically, we can see the value in being able to access the rich content editor in all question types. We are writing our quizzes for students from Years 7 to 12 and it would be highly beneficial to us and our students to be able to mix up the question types a bit more.



Maree Somerville

Southern Cross School of Distance Education

Phone: 02 66 810 415 Monday

02 66 810 419 Wednesday<>

Hi Kevin,

I have had another thought...

In the classic quiz (old) we have actually made use of the 'fill in multiple blanks' to create scaffolded questions for our students that require a bit more assistance. An example is below.

Will these questions still work when they are moved across to the new quizzes (next year?)?


Pythagoras' Theorem is:

hypotenuse2 = side2 + side2

Find the hypotenuse in the following triangle:

Image of triangle

c2 = 2 + 2

c2 =

c = cm (to 2 decimal places)

...or will it try to place all that on one line?

Thanks again.

Maree Somerville

Southern Cross School of Distance Education

Phone: 02 66 810 415 Monday

02 66 810 419 Wednesday<>

Hi Kevin 

I also would like  to see Math quill available in all the question types please.

For example I am writing a maths quiz which requires the students to match percentages with equivalent fractions.

The fractions have to be written linearly 3/4 for example rather than using the correct fraction notation.

I would also like it to be available in the feedback fields too (both for correct, incorrect, and the general response) as sometimes you need to use equations in an explanation.

Many thanks

In chemistry the use of subscripting and superscripting is essential when it comes to writing the chemical formula of compounds, ions, and isotope symbols.  Superscripts are used in writing an electronic configuration.  As such, the introduction of the ability to use MathQuill to answer fill in the blank (FIB) questions would certainly be much appreciated.

The following is a simple example question FIB question:  Write the electronic configuration for Al.   Answer (using special superscript fonts):  1s²2s²2p⁶3s²3p¹.  In the absence of the superscript font, something akin to MathQuill, an HTML workaround - the answer that a student would input would look really egregious.

The introduction of MathQuill into the Formula Definition of Formula Questions would be much appreciated as well, as writing the Formula Definition using one line [i.e., EXP((DH/R)*(1/(T1+273)-1/(T2+273)))*P1] is really "hard on my tired old eyes".

It'd be great to have MathQuill for "matching questions" though in my case I did manage to find a workaround by using subscript and superscript fonts (e.g., H₂O,   Cr₂O₇²⁻,    ⁴⁰Ca²⁺). 

New Member

I too would like to see Math Quill in Fill in the Blank questions and in Matching Questions. 

I teachAlgebra 2 and Advanced Math which deal with a lot of quadratic and polynomial functions.  I would like to be able to type (and for my students to type) algebraic expressions involving variables with exponents and radicals, e.g. x^3+4x^2-2x+27, which would not look like this, using the carats, but rather give them a chance to type actual exponents or radicals. 

Same for Geometry and being able to type geometric symbols (e.g. angle A is congruent to angle B, but with symbols rather than words) 

In Matching, as the instructor creating the quiz, I need to be able to type the same type of expressions--exponents, radicals and Geometric symbols--in both the question and the answer sides.

New Member

Yes to all of this! I am trying to get students to match transformation descriptions to functions or graphs but I cannot enter function or the graph images into the appropriate question types.

It's been over three years since this was raised, and it still seems there is no solution.   I teach a math course, and am pleased that the New Quiz format allows MathJax expressions in the Editor, which makes my work much easier and gives me more opportunity to properly test my students.   Rather disappointed and frustrated that the Rich Text Editor is not invoked for matching questions, as matching a mathematical expression is a good way of assessing a student's understanding of symbol definition and manipulation.   Any hope of a fix in the near future?