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Why was "grade by question" removed from SpeedGrader in New Quizzes? What was the Logic?

New to Canvas (used to use Moodle).

I built all my quizzes in the New Quizzes tool.

I can't "grade by question" in SpeedGrader.

This used to be an option apparently in Classic Quizzes. What gives?

Feels like we are going backwards.

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So, can no one from Canvas answer this question!?

One way to grade consistently is to mark all the same questions together, then move on to the next question. MANY people prefer to grade in this fashion, and this option should ABSOLUTELY be available to us using Canvas. This is an option in the old quiz module, so why not in the new one? Why are Canvas higher-ups REMOVING popular grading options?

I would absolutely appreciate knowing the reasoning here.

Hello, @JustinLMatthews , we recommend you add your comments to the feature idea conversation underway at  New Quizzes: Grade by Question on one page.

The product manager has been engaging directly with our members for some time now, and you might also want to add a comment to her blog post at  Sunsetting Classic Quizzes Q&A and subscribe to  Quizzes Planned Priorities and Roadmap 2021 to be informed of updates as they occur.

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Done, thank you for the tip! Here's to hoping they listen!

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I could not agree more with this request. From time to time, poor item discrimination will determine that an individual question is poor performing or invalid and needs to be tossed. Canvas' competitor provided the option of grading items INDIVIDUALLY thus making mass changes with one simple . However, in Canvas, I must re-visit some 35 student exams and identify/edit all individual grades. Canvas certainly is a superior platform than your competitor, but this is an incredible inconvenience that would seem to be a very simple fix. PLEASE add the grade by question option to REALLY have a "SPEED GRADER". There's nothing SPEEDY about NOT being able to change points per individual item for the entire quiz.