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Why would Autograding Fail?

I was reading through the guides yesterday to fill in any gaps in the nuances of New Quizzes that I might have missed now I think I figured out most things but I stumbled across a feature in the moderation area I was unclear on.

For those of you using New Quizzes, can you help me understand why there would be a need for an "autograding failed" option? 

Shouldn't the expectation be that auto-grading doesn't fail?  Smiley Happy. I feel like I'm missing something here.

Any info about this feature and why we would use it that would add to what's on the guide page would be helpful - How do I use the Moderation page in New Quizzes?


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Melanie,

Were you able to get your question to grade correctly? Are you still experiencing this behavior?


HI Erin,

I didn't observe this behavior but saw it was an option in the guides.  Any information you can provide about what would trigger a failure would be helpful.



Community Member

I had auto grading fail today.  It was a formula question, I saw no problem in the formula or the question.  It successfully generated 100 possible answers.

Nor did I see an issue in  the student's answers which I could see in their logs, but not in their submission.  However none of the grades get sent to the grade book even though each student gets a score when I look at "moderate" Also no submission shows up in speedgrader.

Is there a fix?

I cannot find a fix either.  so I have to type in the grades.