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Will Classic Quizzes work with Course Copy after July 2022?

The Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline indicates that it will not be possible to create Classic Quizzes after July of 2022. Some of our instructors are wondering if this extends to copied courses that contain Classic Quizzes and question banks.

I was hoping to find answers to the following questions: 

  1. Will Classic Quizzes work in courses copied after July 2022?
  2. After July 2022, will the copy functionality continue to work for classic quizzes? Some of our instructors who use different proctoring tools for the same quiz acomplish this by duplicating the quiz and configuring its settings according to each tool's requirements.
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@AdonisH My understanding is that under the current timeline, you can still use Classic Quizzes post Jan 2022, you just will not have the ability to create new classic quizzes (when you click the + Quiz button, you will no longer have the option for classic).  So yes, you would still be able to copy new quizzes from course to course, again from my understanding

I am curious though, since it reads like we will have the ability to EDIT classic quizzes still, can I just keep copying over old quizzes and editing them thus still using the classic quiz engine?  


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My understanding is that you will be able to do this ("keep copying over old quizzes") until the June 2023 deadline. At which point any quizzes copied between courses will be copied as a New Quiz.