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Will be released in course navigation or within Assignments?

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When the general release of takes place, will it be available as it's own course navigation item, like Quizzes, or will it be left within Assignments where it has been offered during Beta?

At a presentation in the past (InstCon '16?), I remember it being mentioned that it would be called Assessments, or something like that, and available in the course navigation menu. I'm just wondering if that is still the plan.

In general, our faculty have noted how Assignments is not an intuitive name for where to place on-paper/non-submission gradebook items, like on-paper quizzes and exams. They interpret it as homework or project assignments, and it's not the place they think of going when they have a Quiz. I hope that we don't exacerbate the issue by placing/leaving there as well. The Assignments catch-all might be intuitive from a Canvas development perspective, but it's the one example item that is consistently brought up when I delve deeper into an instructor saying that Canvas is not intuitive.

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That actually makes a lot of sense!

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In my school, I already use Quizzes for things besides quizzes.  I tell faculty to think of Quizzes as more of an auto-grading tool (and forget about the name "Quizzes"). Within the existing Quizzes tool, I advise instructors against using the short answer and essay options--unless they feel very strongly about it--in order to maximize the benefits of immediate auto-grading and feedback. If essay writing skills are the focus, I recommend a separate assignment for just that. 

If an assignment, assessment, quiz, exam, worksheet, or activity has a known "right" answer, it can be auto-graded.  Math presents different challenges and workarounds, but for everything else, it is pretty usable once you can see past the name Quizzes

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Does the student Log allow us to see if they have left Canvas while taking the quiz? If so, would it be worth it to create quizzes and assign within Canvas?  

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I agree with Kelley. We haven't enabled QN yet. I already have too much confusion over the quiz tool. Instructors often have offline tests they want to do and will create a quiz to do this. I then have explain this won't work since the points are associated with questions in the quiz in the current quiz tool. Once they create the assignment as a "quiz" they are confused by the icon being different. I feel like this may clear up some confusion as long as process of creating a QN assessment is kept simple. I also think the assignment page should have more filter options and bulk editing options. Please for the love of God don't make any new features that don't have bulk editing features!!