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Will navigation get better between Canvas and Quizzes Next

Hi there. I am not sure if this has been dealt with before - but i could not find any comment about it. We have just started some testing with Quizzes Next and have found the integration between it and Canvas to be very disappointing as far as user navigation is concerned.

From what I can tell Quizzes next seems to assume that all users will enter and exit its use via the Assignments area.

We use Canvas to host professional development courses with self directed users. Typically we might have several pages of content with a Quiz in the middle of it. We expect users to work through content, test their knowledge, and move onto the next page or module of content.

But it seems that in Quizzes Next - when you open a Quiz (as a user) you lose all of the navigation of the course (the left menu with Home, modules, marks etc) and get taken to what feels like an unconnected quiz experience. What is worse is that when you submit the course and get auto-graded and see your results - the user is then left hanging with no clue where to go next. When the user does spot the 'Return' button on the top right of screen (where they will have never seen a Canvas button before) it takes them back into the 'Assignments' page.

In our use of Canvas - we mostly have the assignment page hidden as we just present their assessment items to them on the module page - inline with the content it relates to.

So the current Quizzes Next experience would just leave our users completely confused and with no idea where to go next.

We were expecting that the Quizzes next experience would simply have a 'Next' button at the bottom of the 'results' or final page the assessment experience that would take them to whatever the educational designer/teacher wanted them to see next - or at least have the 'return' button actually return the user to where they came from.

Is this something that is on the roadmap?

We love the new functionality of the new quiz system - but its current form that forces everyone to funnel through the Assignments page to enter and exit any quizzes would - for our purpose - confuse users, cause unneeded cognitive load, and simply make the new quiz engine unusable for us.

I hope I have explained this clearly enough - let me know if you need further detail or examples.

I look forward to further details



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I found a clunky work around that allows for a more seamless transition to the next page in the module. I added a link to the next page in the feedback for the last question. I made sure to put the link and comment in the general feedback box so that everyone would be able to see it. I also added a note in the instructions to make sure to go to the bottom of the feedback to get to the link. 

Hi Kevin,

This is marked 'assumed answered' but it has not been, to my knowledge. Do you know if Canvas is working on making the course menu available from New Quizzes? I see an idea open for voting, but for some reason it doesn't have much traction yet.


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I'm brand new to canvas this year, and it looks like the Return button after a New Quiz just takes them back to their modules list. Has anyone figured out how to redirect the return button to the "next" piece of content?