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Workarounds for no To Do activity in Quizzes.Next

Hi all,

Since the LTI functionality of Quizzes.Next prevents it from showing up on the To Do feed, has anyone found any effective strategies for helping teachers track when these quizzes are submitted? They are already trained to use To Do as the grading notification system, since all other graded assignments use it, but Quizzes.Next submissions disrupts the process where now they are having to check the gradebook, also. Any ideas for supporting this transition would be appreciated!

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Perhaps creating a page with a link to the new quiz assignment and then add a to-do for the page would do the trick? 

New Quiz Workaround by using Pages with a To-Do option

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for the prompt response! I really appreciate your being on top of that.

Sorry if my language is unclear—I'm looking to add Quizzes.Next submissions to the teacher To Do, so that a teacher sees when there have been submissions to a Quizzes.Next assignment. I think that's a great workaround for adding the assignment to the student To Do!

We've truly been trying to pilot Quizzes.Next, but since teachers use a To Do feed to grade all assignments except for these, we're really getting teachers opting out of using the platform. Thanks!

I'm sorry I did not get that from your original posting. I have no suggestions for manipulating the teacher to-do list. 


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PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!!! Not having it in our teacher to do list that we need to go grade it (especially if there are open ended questions) is a real pain! It was such a process to even figure out how to get into speed grader for new quizzes! 

How do you get to Speedgrader from New.Quizzes?

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Community Advocate

@pirwin Click Grades in the Navigation Menu and locate the quiz.  Hover the cursor over the title of the quiz, click the 3 dots, and select SpeedGrader.


The quiz made in New.quizzes, doesn't show up in my gradebook. I read on other threads that that is because it is a outside tool and does not sync completely with Canvas.


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

@pirwin  Hmmm?  As far as I know, all of my New Quizzes have shown up in my Canvas Gradebook.  Maybe it is something sporadic or varies with different instances of Canvas.  As far as I am aware, this is currently the only way I have found to access SpeedGrader for New Quizzes.  If someone else knows of another trick, I would love to hear about it.

@pirwin  You might check the settings on the assignment tab (specifically).  On the assignment tab click the three dot icon next to your quiz and select edit.  In the pop-up select "more options."  This page has all the settings that could impact how a quiz shows up in the gradebook.  Note the assignment group.  There is a filter that lets you view one assignment group at a time in the gradebook.  If you are looking at any other one assignment group, rather than the one your quizzes are in, or all groups, you will not see the quiz.  It would still be there though, just hidden, and students would still see a to-do activity.  The gradebook filters show up as drop down menus at the top of the gradebook page, when they are turned on.

Another possibility is the "display grade" option.  "Display grade: no grade" would block the quiz from the gradebook.  However, when I make a new quiz from the quizzes tab, I do not end up with "no grade" as an option.  (If you have found a way to do that, please share how you set it up.  That would help with practice quizzes.)  Changing "display grade" to any other option, should help if that is the problem.

Whatever caused the problem, you might be able to see the results from the moderate tab of the new quiz.  Each attempt by every student will be displayed with a link such as "attempt1/1."  Clicking the link opens the same display usually displayed in speedgrader, and it has the same options for grading each question, and updating the score.