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Workarounds for no To Do activity in Quizzes.Next

Hi all,

Since the LTI functionality of Quizzes.Next prevents it from showing up on the To Do feed, has anyone found any effective strategies for helping teachers track when these quizzes are submitted? They are already trained to use To Do as the grading notification system, since all other graded assignments use it, but Quizzes.Next submissions disrupts the process where now they are having to check the gradebook, also. Any ideas for supporting this transition would be appreciated!

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@amanda_truman @tbatiuk The best solution I have found is to set quizzes that require any manual grading (i.e. essay questions) to a manual grade posting policy.  (The options are in the three dot menu on the quiz in gradebook).  That causes any new submissions to remain "hidden" and display an eye icon on both the student name and the quiz title.  You can then go to the three dot menu of a quiz with the eye icon to select speedgrader, or click on a cell where a student with the eye icon lines up with a quiz with an eye icon and click speedgrader in the slide out  grade tool. 

Once all of your current submissions have been graded, you can return to the three dot menu on the quiz in the gradebook, and select "post grades>graded."  Be aware that if you select "post  grades>everyone" even empty cells in that quiz will be "posted," and at that point you will not be able to use this method to identify new submissions that need grading. 

I prefer to wait until the quiz has locked to new submissions and grade all at once.  (For starters because the speedgrader does not indicate which new quiz attempts still need to be graded.)  Also, please be aware that this only works once.  If the quiz allows multiple attempts, you should wait until the quiz has locked to all new attempts before grading any of them. 

If you use a missing policy, and also accept late submissions, be aware that any zeros for missing submissions will be hidden and posted along with the rest of what you grade.  The posted zeros become a posted score, which means that the manual grading policy is no longer active in that cell.  If the student turns in a late submission in this case, you will not receive notification.  This is another reason that I wait until the quiz locks before grading any submissions at all.  (You can add assignment lock dates from the three dot menu of the quiz on the assignment tab.)

However, if you have multiple quizzes that students may submit in overlapping times, be aware that you could have one student with a hidden new score in quiz 1, and a second student in quiz 2, without an indicator which student needs grading in which quiz.  (Student 1 in quiz 2 or student 2 in quiz 1 do not need grading in this example, but you would have to check each to find the score that needs grading.)

It is not a perfect solution, but I set lock dates on my quizzes, and a manual grade posting policy, and do all my grading after the lock date, and always select "post grades>graded" after I have finished grading every submission received.