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creating question groups in quizzes

Is there a way to create groups in the new quiz format? Where I can have 5 different questions and it randomly pulls two questions from that group to give to students. It was super easy in the "classic" quiz format, but I can't seem to find it in the new and "improved" quiz format. Any help finding that option would be great. 

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Navigator II

On each question, click the setting labeled "item banking."  Create a new bank for the first question, and then add each of the subsequent questions to the same existing bank.  After adding the questions to the bank, delete them from the quiz.  Then click the plus to add a new question, but this time click the pig icon in the upper right corner.  A right side menu will slide out with all of your questions.  Click the button at the top that says "all/random" and a question will be added with settings controlling how many of the questions in that bank should be randomly selected.