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iPad unable to scroll/see whole question

I have been using the Quizzes LTI for about a year now and this last week something new happened. When my students log in using the canvas app about a third of them were unable to see the whole question. It was as if it did not load properly using the canvas app on the iPad. I have one question load at a time but for these students a portion of the question was cut off and there was no way to scroll down. 

We tried closing the app and restarting the quiz. That did not help. 

To add confusion to this issue, for some students this would happen on the first question and for others it would happen mid way through the quiz. I am lucky enough to have some computers in my classroom so those students with issues were able to take the quiz using a computer. However, I had a timer on the quiz and there was no way to add time to these students for just this test. 

Additionally, for some students their screen would load the whole question but then on the last question it would not let them scroll to the right in order to see the submit button. 

My school is 1-1 with iPads but the functionality of the quizzes LTI, with the iPads, is limited with this many bugs viewing questions. 

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Hi  @hannah_crowder ‌,

Please report this to Canvas support.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments