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item bank sharing??


I have added a bunch of questions to several item banks. I now need to send these to the course instructors to review. They need to see the full question text, the full text of all answers, and the coded correct answer for all questions.

Since I created the question banks, the instructors can't see them nor can I find a way to share them. I don't see any way to export these to Respondus. 

How should I do this? Thanks!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @maureen ,

The first thing that came to mind was to create a quiz for each bank where all of the questions from that bank are included, and have the teacher added to the course so they could open and review the quiz questions.  I'm not sure if you have administrator rights in Canvas, but we do this fairly often when faculty needs to review course content they didn't develop.  Typically I create a review course shell, copy in all of the information from the "real" course, and add the faculty in with a teacher role to the "review" shell.

Might this work in your situation?

Best wishes!


I will try that; thanks Eric!

Hi again,

So, do I need to add the instructors as students? When I open the quizzes, I just get the options to edit -- I can't see the questions. I'm wondering whether the instructors would with their Teacher role?

A quiz preview would be helpful, but I don't see that option. 

It sounds like sharing item banks will be coming? When?

Good point  @maureen .  I had forgotten that being banked another teacher would get an error message stating they are not authorized to edit the question.  If they are added as a student and the assessment it published, they should be able to take the quiz like a student would and when completed see what was indicated as the "correct" answer.  This isn't ideal but it may work and could actually be a good way to determine if the wording of the question should be changed.  Often when we can see the answers, we skip over parts of the question itself.  However, this is not idea.

I tried to export the course and import this into a new class and that still links to the bank and a teacher can't edit the question to see the details.  I am going to see if I can find a way to get the questions out of the Q.Next bank but haven't found one yet!  Yes the quiz preview would be good or some kind of way to share banks with other instructors.  I have not seen any timelines for particular Q.Next features, but know that the folks at Instructure are working to achieve parity of features and a preview function has come up several times in discussions on needed functionality.

I will keep looking to find an easier way to get questions out of Q.Next.  Maybe someone else reading this thread will have insight, but I will keep you updated!

Hi  @maureen .  I am going through existing Quizzes.Next questions to see if any can use updating or if they can be marked answered or assumed answered.  In case you had not seen this post, I thought I would bring it to your attention as Kevin with Instructure addresses question bank sharing in his response, Inability to edit an item bank someone else created: bug or feature? 

I am going to go ahead and mark this question as "assumed answered" because I believe Kevin's response addresses the question about question bank sharing, however, even marked this way others can continue to comment in this thread as well.  

Best wishes!

Yes, that's fine. It was a huge waste of everyone's time to deal with this problem, so I look forward to when we can share these question banks. And I won't be using again until then.