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new quiz grading/scoring

When I set up a new quiz using essay questions/answers, and students complete the questions with their answers, they see a score of 0 even though I have not manually graded the assignment yet. Students are rightfully confused because they see a 0. How should I set up the new quiz so there is no score, meaning not a 0, once the assignment is attempted by students. There should not be a score until I manually enter one. 

I do see that there were questions about this in March and that it was to be worked on in April. 

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In Grades select the three dot icon next to the quiz title.  In the drop down menu select grade posting policy.  A menu will slide in from the right side of the screen.  Select manual on that menu, and save. The zeros will be created, but students will not see them.  After you have graded ALL submissions, go back to the three dot menu and select post grades.  A menu will slide in from the right.  Select graded. 

Important: There is no way to exclude ungraded zeros from the grades that are posted, so make sure you have graded all of the submissions you have received so far before posting any grades.  Also, if you mistakenly select post grades everyone, it will "post" the empty cell of submissions you do not have yet. 

From the point that ANYTHING has been posted in a cell, the manual posting policy will not continue to work on that cell.  From that point forward the only way to hide these zeros is by hiding all grades entered to date.  For that purpose, you will also see "hide Grades" in the three dot menu, and it will be clickable as soon as you have any submissions with those automatic zeros.

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Thanks very much for your reply/solution. Will you post your work-around to the Idea Conversation "New Quizzes should not *automatically* grade written responses"?