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partial credit for matching questions in New Quizzes

I wrote my summer midterm in New Quizzes and found that my "Matching" questions did not give partial credit. In one example, there were 3 items to match, and if a student correctly matched 1/3 or 2/3, they got zero points. Is there a way to set up matching questions to give partial credit?

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I should add that in old Quizzes, the partial credit was automatically given in Matching questions.

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Hi Allison.  Unfortunately, partial credit is NOT available in the new quizzess for Matching or Multiple Answer type questions.  Check out this link for an "Idea" that you can vote up to encourage Instructure to add this functionality to new quizzes: 

You can also see lots of discussion about the issue.  You are not alone in being frustrated by the lack of partial credit.


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Thanks for the answer. That is really disappointing. It looks like I can go in and regrade each student's quiz to give them partial credit, but that kind of defeats the purpose of an auto-graded quiz! I voted on adding the functionality, and it looks like Canvas plans on adding the partial credit before old Quizzes is disabled.

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This is NOT solved.

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@Gardog  and @ababij   There is a way to make partial credit matching questions in New Quizzes, it just isn't the most instinctive path and the labeling does not really tell you what to expect. 

Instead of selecting a multiple choice question, select a fill-in-the-blank question type, because that question type does use partial credit automatically.  Then make multiple blanks, (type a word, highlight it, and click enter for each blank), and settings for each blank will allow you to select the "word bank" option.  The result will be the words you select from every blank together in a single word bank box that students will see on the same page as the question.  To respond to the question, students need to click and drag words from the word bank box into the blanks you create. 

From the guide:

Each blank space is given a point value calculated by dividing the total points possible by the number of blank spaces. Correct answer choices are awarded this point value and no points are subtracted for incorrect answers. For example, a Fill in the Blank question with four blanks that is worth 1 point would assign a point value of 0.25 to each blank. If a student selects two correct answers and two incorrect answers, they would be awarded a total of 0.50 points for the question.

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Thank you for the work-around. It would still be really useful to have partial credit in matching questions. 

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One problem with giving one point for every correct answer, and no penalty for wrong answers, is that a student can then just pick all answers and get full points.  Of course most students won't realize this, but the problem stands.

An alternative would be if I could write a question like, "Which of the following three items is true?", and then correct answers are worth points and a wrong answer does not get a penalty unless more than three answers are selected.

Or, if this is too hard, just give points for correct answers and add a note to this option warning instructors that students who figure out the trick picking all answers will get full points for the question.

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Not sure how this applies to Matching questions. You can't select all answers in matching questions.

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I wholeheartedly agree New Quizzes needs a simple, no workaround, partial credit option for Matching.