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"Choose a Quiz Engine" Pop-up Box Description Text

Hi All,

I haven't seen this explicitly mentioned elsewhere, so here goes: we have some concerns from a change management perspective on the "Choose a Quiz Engine" pop-up box.

This modal window is where instructors/TAs/etc. select from Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes, and it contains text that will scare off some current users from adopting New Quizzes. Here is the text that is most problematic: 
Canvas Classic Quizzes vs New Quizzes.png

"Security" is perhaps the most problematic word, as it implies that New Quizzes is not secure. While this may not seem like a big deal, every instructor will see this window, and in reading the text, many will be alarmed. It would help greatly if this small change could be made, perhaps to something like "if you use 3rd party tools, Speedgrader, or CSVs for student response analysis..." 


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Community Member

I like the less scary blurb. Yes please!

Community Member

Should we also mention "questions banks" since they seem problematic in New Quizzes?

Community Participant

While it might be difficult to come up with verbiage that everyone agrees with, I completely agree that the reference to "security" raises eyebrows unnecessarily. Since I think the issue is that NQs does not currently support external apps, maybe this could be reworded to say something similar to "...if you need to use external tools such as those used for proctoring, embedding video content, etc., or Speedgrader...".