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Links and Images

The main design problems with this new editor are course links and images. In the old editor it was very intuitive, easy, and straightforward to add course links and images.  In the new RCE, it requires almost twice as many clicks, and it is much less intuitive.

Additionally, when posting an image from the course files onto the page, the old editor had an alt text box directly available. In the new RCE, we have to post the image, click it twice to get the options menu to appear, then click over in the alt text area.  Someone would have to know to search for the alt text, instead of it being directly in the line of sight, like before. Why are you making things harder to use instead of easier?

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Learner II

We've also (just) discovered that the process doesn't work well if you're using unusual file types. Credit one of our drafting instructors with this... if an instructor inserts a PDF file, for instance, it will immediately download. If they insert an AutoCAD file, then it first shows as a broken image. We can change that by going into the image settings, and toggling the switch to show the file name. When students go to download, however, it still requires an additional screen to get to the download. 

If I counted right, 6 extra steps to import, and two extra steps for the student downloading. 

I'd love to know if there's a better way to link to these files in an RCE page. 


I do like some things about the new RCE. But, I agree. So many extra clicks to bring up what used to be there by default! And linking pages and assignments so often changes my text color!

Like.. I don't get why Instructure thought the editor needed to be changed in the first place.  Of all the things that are clunky in Canvas, the editor has never been one of them.  People have been begging for them to fix rubrics, groups, peer review, and so many other major things, for a really long time, and their response is to make something that IS working, worse?


I'm having issues with the editing existing links in pages. If I click on the link options the only thing I can do is paste a link. I can't access any of the course links, which is what I do most often. So, if I want to associate an existing link or text to a new page, or assignment I can't do that. The link options should allow me to link to course content. 

Surveyor II

Course/File Links and Uploads are so much worse with the New RCE and considering that's mainly what I do when it comes to editing pages over the semester, I absolutely cannot stand the New RCE. All of the work that presumably went into testing this and the much more cumbersome and click-heavy workflow didn't get rectified? We used to be able to pick the folder to upload files when making course links, now it gets all jumbled together into a "Course Files" folder. If one wants ANY sort of organization, you now have to go to Files first to upload items and THEN go back the page. Thanks for severely slowing down my workflow, Canvas. 😠


I am in complete agreement with most folks on this.  This was not an issue to begin with, why did it need to change?  My biggest concern is that Canvas forced this on all of us a couple weeks before a semester started.  Now, I have to "relearn" what was working fine in the first place.  The new RCE is glitchy, half of the time I want to link a 'course link' (i.e. assignment, page), it gives me the "Oops something went wrong" message.  I have rebooted, refreshed, logged out and back in, etc.  I don't know what else to do here.  And to top it off, we are all completely online due to Covid.  So, what I don't really understand is why would you introduce (force) a change like this in the middle of a time when we all have to be online, right before a semester begins, not giving users time to learn or yourself time to identify and fix glitches.

I have learned how to use the RCE.  But I am at a lose with the "oops" error messages.  If anyone can suggest other fixes, I am all ears.

Hi Bob - 

To insert links to your already created pages within your Canvas shell, you now must do this:

highlight where you want the link to go, click the 'insert' menu on the RCE, go to Link -> Course Links, this will open up a window on the right that lets you choose from your course files, pages, assignments, etc.

Hope that helped a little 🙂

@carrie_preite   I agree with you about this not being the "best" time to institute a change like this for users.  However, I do not feel that Canvas is the only one to blame if there was not knowledge of this change.  Canvas has been very transparent about this change.  It was initially supposed to take place this past July.  Even at that time, it was well known that the change was coming.  It was possible for the New RCE to be turned on in just a single course or a sandbox by the user/teacher in each course's settings.  This way a teacher could choose to turn on the New RCE to get used to it prior to turning it on in all of their courses or having it before it was forced on them, as you stated in your comment.  I made sure last spring that all of the teachers I work with knew about the change in July and had support if they needed assistance while exploring the New RCE.  While some of the people that I work with choose not to explore the New RCE over the past year after I sent out the initial message as well as reminders, that was their choice.  I am sorry if you did not get any advanced notice from the people you work with or you did not see this information that is readily available in the Community.  While Canvas/Instruture did choose the date when the New RCE would be turned on for everyone and the old RCE will no longer be available, this should not have been a complete surprise that the change was taking place.  I know tone is hard to interpret in a message like this, so please do not feel that I am criticizing you or being condescending in any way.  I just wanted to make sure that it was realized that this has actually been a very transparent process  as far as Canvas is concerned.

You can also click to the right of the link button. It drops down so that you can select course link option. It saves a couple seconds in this new click heavy RCE 🙂