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Links and Images

The main design problems with this new editor are course links and images. In the old editor it was very intuitive, easy, and straightforward to add course links and images.  In the new RCE, it requires almost twice as many clicks, and it is much less intuitive.

Additionally, when posting an image from the course files onto the page, the old editor had an alt text box directly available. In the new RCE, we have to post the image, click it twice to get the options menu to appear, then click over in the alt text area.  Someone would have to know to search for the alt text, instead of it being directly in the line of sight, like before. Why are you making things harder to use instead of easier?

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Hi Ryan - thanks so much for the info!  Unfortunately, we (our campuses) were not informed of this change or that we had an option of trying it out.  I most definitely would have been testing this.  Most of us don't visit the community pages unless we run into trouble (yes, your average instructor, I know).  So I would not have seen it in the community since I haven't needed to visit.  We tend to rely on our eLearning folks to get us this kind of info.  Which usually they are on top of.  But this fell through the cracks it seems.  I even contacted fellow colleagues to check back through their inboxes to see if maybe I just missed the announcement . . . but no.

Still not the best time for a change, but at least I know that Canvas sent out a message well ahead of time.

Thanks Karen, that does indeed eliminate a few 'clickings'

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We have had this recently added to our Canvas instance, and I have already received panicked emails from faculty in not being able to (intuitively) find how to resize an image. Luckily that was an easier process than trying to add a File link to text on a page. When I finally figured out the steps (having to ensure that I click the down carrot - not the icon itself!) to adding a file, I was presented with this EXTREMELY small text box

RCE textbox with Add Files box open.png

If you use the FULLSCREEN arrow at the bottom of the page to expand it so that you can see the text - I was presented with text BEHIND the pop-out

RCE fullscreen.png

...not to mention freaking out when I couldn't see a way to get back to the other poor view....or to save or anything else. Luckily I have a community who was able to instruct me on having to go to VIEW to get out of this view. Once again - NOT intuitive in that I had to click on Fullscreen to 'close' the fullscreen aspect.

I hope that Canvas will look at fixing these issues (don't get me started on how fine the new icons are - difficult for older eyes to see what they are depicting) as it will cause panic in instructors creating/editing pages. I am almost thankful that it did happen after the semester started, as most have already created their courses. However, this summer, I am sure, we will have many more questions about where to find adding new files, adding existing files - and why can't they see a larger view of their page when they are editing and have the pop-out open.

FYI - I am working in Chrome, and have a 24-inch monitor - so that isn't the excuse that can be used on why the text box is so small.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'd love to hear if you have found a middle ground with this. I will also bring this up with Instructure Support.

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And... the clicks just keep coming.... ugh Due to remote, I embed the Desmos calculator above my assignments. It's a bit tedious and I usually do all of the assignments after I import. A student informed me that it was missing from the test. Because, I use the code so often, I actually have it at the bottom of my homepage to copy as needed. I grabbed the code and headed over to the test to embed the calculator. Ctl+v... nothing happened. I wasted several minutes trying to figure out what I was doing wrong before I noticed the new option on the left, just below the editor box that said Raw HTML Editor. I had to click that to enable paste.   Seriously?! Kudos for the ability to edit HTML in a nicer format. But, why the need to switch to raw before I can paste? And if that it is necessary, considering most users enter HTML editing to past code for embedding, etc; I would definitely prefer to have Raw be the default with the option to switch to pretty. I appreciate that Canvas is constantly working to improve the platform, but I abhor change simply for the sake of changing. Especially when that change is the antithesis of an improvement. STOP....just STOP! 

@carrie_preite  Thanks, I didn't know that. That helps.

@bob_piper I think it forces to the "same page". A lot of times I want a course page to open in a new tab. To do it, I have to go to the page I want to link to, copy the URL then paste it into the link I am linking from. It would be helpful to restore the Control K feature.


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If I had to request only one change is that the "justification" does not need two clicks to find Left, Center, and Right. (Or three clicks when you are working with a smaller screen.) It seems like that extra clicks are not a big deal, but my finger think it is a big deal.

@karen_handy Yeah, agreed. I always have to click twice to use the Raw HTML. I think if the raw version was the default, and the extra click for the people who would like the pretty version, would save effort.