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Student Enhancements: FAQ

Student Enhancements: FAQ


What is the Student Enhancements project?

Supported student assignments display an improved interface and submission workflow.

How do I enable Student Enhancements? 

The Student Enhancements feature can be enabled by a Canvas administrator for the entire account or on a course-by-course basis as a feature option in Account Settings.

How can I learn more about Student Enhancements?

Student Enhancements  was originally announced in the Canvas Release Notes (2020-01-18). Details about the initial release of this feature can be found in Canvas Release: Student Assignment Enhancements (2020-01-18).

How can I follow the progress of this feature?

Additional updates about Student Enhancements will be posted as blog entries in the Student Enhancements user group.

How can I provide feedback about Student Enhancements?

Post a question in the user group!

You can also find out about discovery projects related to Student Enhancements as requested by our product team:

How can I learn more about Student Enhancements?

See the Resources page.

How can I submit a problem with a Student Enhancements feature?

Please submit a support case via Canvas Support or via your institution's preferred Help system. Visit your Canvas Help Menu and select the option to Report a Problem.

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I see that when a Student adds their file they see a preview much like instructors see in Speedgrader. Will this preview display annotated feedback when the Instructor adds it or will Students still need to navigate via the gradebook to find that feedback? 

Hi wrote this in some other place too but maybe this is more accurate

I'm trying out student Enhancements in BETA and when I act as a student and go to Grades and klick on the assignment name the student return to the old assignment view. If the student then klick on the assignment name in the bread crumb navigation the student sees the assignment in the enhancements view. Why is this and will it be changes so that the student always sees the new assignmnet enhancement view?



Hi, Jonna,

Are you saying that the assignment view is different based on the page that is being accessed? Sounds like this is something that our support team can review and create an engineering if needed.

It is intended that some assignments go to the old assignment view if the assignment type is not yet supported (such as for group assignments and peer review assignments).


Hi @erinhallmark, when I turned on the feature in my sandbox course, I noticed that at the top of the page there was a link to 1) the module the assignment is housed in, and 2) the assignment group the module is housed in. It seems a little strange to see these things at the top of the page, even though I understand it can be nice for context and to easily go back to the module. Can these go away? I can't create a question in this group yet. 

I'm mostly focusing on New Quizzes feature ideas right now, but thought I should chime in about these enhancements.


Thanks for letting us know about not being able to post—I noticed our permissions had reset so you should be able to post now. 

Would you mind re-posting this as a question so we can have it threaded?



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