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Can't view my kid's Classes



I really hope someone can help me with this. I have two kids that use canvas since 2020 and I have never been able to view their classes on the desktop or add them as students in the app. I was never given a pairing code or QR code, and don't know who to get them from. 

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I am pretty sure you can get a parent account. As I did so on the canvas login. You are on the login, and I think in the corner, there is a (Make parent account) You can review their classes and grades. And get notifications when they have missing work.


How do I get to my child's canvass and see his school progress?  


Hi @luannejackson - The best place to start is to ask your child's teacher or school for more information! Each school/district uses Canvas slightly differently, and there is likely a special onboarding process made especially for you. You will be able to monitor your student's progress through a web browser or the Canvas Parent app.

Community Coach
Community Coach

@SophieDuPuis - Were you able to get connected with your students' accounts? Like I mentioned above, the best place to start is one of the schools or the district office. Sometimes, districts allow self-enrollment, and you can likely follow those instructions from your district's home page. (The best course of action is to contact someone though. Personalized help is awesome!)