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Parent listed as student

When I log in to Canvas, I believe I am logging in to a student experience. My profile indicates under my Full Name "This name will be used for grading." I do not see where I can select Observing under my settings. How do I change my profile to that of a parent rather than a student?

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The text displayed under full name seems to be displayed on every account, regardless of the account type it is set-up as; so, it isn't really an indicator of whether you're assigned as a parent/observer or a student. However, when on your account section (e.g. where settings and such are), there is a menu to the left that should give you an option for "Observing" (screenshot attached). If you select that link, you'll come to a screen with an input box to enter a pairing code, with the names of the students your account is paired with (observing) below.

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