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Pictures Not Loading In ios14

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I have the Student Canvas app on my iPhone and iPad, and both devices worked fine with iOS 13. Last week, my iPhone updated to iOS 14 and pictures stopped loading in the Student app, so I began using the app on my iPad. Today, my iPad updated to iOS 14 and now pictures do not load on my iPad. Any idea how to fix this? I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it but no luck. 

thank you! 

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Surveyor II

Same issue! 😞 My kindergartener cannot see images on his Canvas student app all of the sudden and cannot get to his work.  Please fix soon!! 


this is a known issue and they're working on an update - hoping for an update this week!


Has anyone heard of any updates on this issue? I have a whole class of second graders who can't see anything on the app. It's very frustrating for the students.

Surveyor II

Yes, we need this fixed as soon as posssible.




hi..cant see a card student

Surveyor II

Has anyone heard any updates on this?



How do you do that? My students run Canvas through the app not Safari. Will this still help?

Thank you it worked on my kids ipad