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Partner Listing: IdeaMachine for Online Discussions/Peer Engagement

Partner Listing: IdeaMachine for Online Discussions/Peer Engagement

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Website:  Wharton Interactive-IdeaMachine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sales:  Dina Luciano -


Visit IdeaMachine at Wharton Interactive


"IdeaMachine deepens student interaction through robust peer-to-peer connections and brings modern social-media style features to the classroom."

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IdeaMachine is an exciting online platform, created by Wharton Interactive, that enhances student engagement via interactive learning communities and peer discussion. IdeaMachine deepens student interaction through robust peer-to-peer connections and brings modern social-media style features to the classroom. 

Instructors build interactive assignments, called “challenges,” where students respond with text and images, via desktop or mobile devices. Students then interact with peer answers, commenting, voting and reacting in a collaborative community.  Instructors can customize the communities in a variety of ways, including anonymous posts, comments, and votes. Powerful, yet flexible, IdeaMachine can be integrated into any course plan or topic area.

Use Cases:

  • Idea Tournaments
  • Student Debates
  • Peer Reviews
  • Learning Journeys
  • Collective Problem-Solving
  • Curation
  • Real-World Applications
  • Negotiation
  • Icebreakers
  • Mind/Idea/Concept Mapping


To get started or learn more about IdeaMachine, reach out to today.


  • Convert assignments to more interactive experiences
  • Add more critical thinking, reflection and debate to class exercises
  • Create social communities for learning with comments, votes, and emojis 😀
  • Improve teaching outcomes with evidence-based design templates and custom teaching guides 
  • Assess student performance with powerful instructor tools, including presentation views.




Instructional Templates:

IdeaMachine’s challenge templates help instructors quickly achieve desired learning outcomes based on the latest in learning science. Each template is designed to be turnkey, with pre-configured, yet customizable, settings based on expert use of IdeaMachine and best practices in interactive teaching and learning. Templates include help text and coaching for challenges, and a teaching note with recommendations on using IdeaMachine and debriefing in class.  Recommended settings can be reviewed and customized.





IdeaMachine is accessible and meets WCAG 2.0 and AA accessibility requirements or higher. IdeaMachine is tested extensively during development and pre-release for accessibility standards, including required descriptive text for screen readers for discussion image uploads.



Address each item in the table below either by inserting text directly or providing a link to your own resources. Delete these instructions before publishing.

HECVAT status In Progress
Data encryption

In transit and at rest

Countries of data storage United States
Data storage method Cloud
Data retention policy No automatic deletion. Users request data deletion data any time.
Incident management program, policy, and testing The IdeaMachine infrastructure is protected against attacks through cloud provider technologies including Security Groups, Load Balancers, and the AWS Shield managed DDoS protection service, all of which are designed to provide automated blocking features to mitigate advanced denial-of-service or authentication attacks. Processes are back-up procedures are in place for incident management.
Disaster recovery and business continuity plan and testing IdeaMachine application database has a streaming point-in-time backup available and snapshots that go back 35 days with AWS GuardDuty to detect threats.
Security Standard Certificates N/A
Third party testing and security controls practices




Privacy policy link
COPPA policy link N/A; currently not designed for children under 13
Privacy department/officer contact:
Types of data collected The IdeaMachine database stores email, first and last name, Canvas ID, Class Name and ID during LTI launch, as well as work generated by user within platform.
Personally identifiable or personal data collected Basic user and course information- see above.
Data Deletion Request Process Requests sent to
Third Party Data Sharing & Opt-out Wharton Interactive does not sell any data to third parties. Data may be shared with technology or support partners, as needed to operate IdeaMachine. 
Cookies or Tracking Technologies used

IdeaMachine stores sessions in an internal database. The database is encrypted to provide for confidentiality and data integrity. IdeaMachine has content-security policy (CSP) measures in place. HTTPS encrypted connections are enforced (HSTS) to prevent MITM of sessions.

Analytics performed on Customer Data Google Analytics to track application performance and aggregated user behavior on IdeaMachine-- for internal business purposes only.
Data correlation practices N/A
Privacy Certifications or Seals Not at this time.
Targeted Advertising using user data No advertising.
Privacy or data protection impact assessments We are undergoing a third-party security audit in 2021, including  penetration testing and architected review.
Privacy Law Compliance FERPA

Integration Instructions

Please send an email to: for a copy of integration instructions.

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