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List of Collective Credentials

List of Collective Credentials

The following credentials are available to members of the EdTech Collective, Instructure’s partner program.  If you have any questions or comments about any of these credentials, we’d love to hear from you at 

EdTech Collective - Partner In Privacy and Security  

This credential is awarded to partners who have submitted privacy and security information and received a passing score. To learn more about this credential, visit the Partner In Privacy and Security page. 



Partner Longevity 

When Edtech companies work together, students and educators win, and we think that’s worth celebrating. Members of the EdTech Collective receive credentials to signify their long standing  commitments to working together to improve teaching and learning. To Learn more about this credential, visit the Partner Longevity page








Mutual Clients (planned availability: Q3 2022)

Our clients understand that the more clients we have in common, the closer we have to work together to ensure client success.  This credential is awarded to members of the EdTech Collective who have demonstrated success in acquiring and serving clients in partnership with Instructure. To learn more about this credential, visit the Mutual Clients page. 






Details Coming Soon


Details Coming Soon


Details Coming Soon

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