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How do I switch between applications in Portfolium?

How do I switch between applications in Portfolium?

If your institution has access to multiple Portfolium applications, and you have appropriate permissions, you can use the application switcher to view different apps. To view the Apps icon, you must be granted access by your institution and have an admin or teacher user role.

If the Apps icon is not available in your Toolbar, you do not have access to additional Portfolium apps.

View Toolbar

In the Toolbar, click the Apps icon.

Select Application

Home | Portfolium

The Apps drop-down menu displays links to the Portfolium applications which your institution can access.

The app you are currently viewing displays an Active badge [1].

Click the name of the app you would like to open [2].

View Homepage

View the homepage of the app you opened.

To switch to a different app, click the Apps icon and select a different option.

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