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A course has been split into sections taught by different teachers. Is there a way to split them in Canvas?

The course sections all started with the same teacher. Teacher was deployed, and the sections are now taught by 2 different teachers. The semester is half over. Is there a way to split the courses so students (and teachers) won't get confused from seeing all content?

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Community Coach
Community Coach


No, not really.  It's possible to duplicate the course and then manage the students to divide them by section, but the problem is that no student data will get copied.  So any grades, discussion posts or assignment submissions would get lost when moving students into the new copy of the course.

Assignments, quizzes, discussions and announcements can all be managed by section.  So while it might not be ideal one strategy is to make sure the instructors are only posting those to their correct section.  Pages would be the main item that you can't control by section.