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A question about quizzes and the grade book

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Hi Everyone,

I'm very new to Canvas, and I'm struggling with how to set something up in my course site.

Our college is mandating that we do a pre- and post-course assessment with our students.  I teach statistics, and I have a short 10-item multiple-choice pre-test I ask my students to complete (during the first week of classes) and then they complete the same assessment again right before the final exam.

I need a way of motivating my students to complete these assessments.  In the past, the assessments were given online, and I essentially gave students full credit toward two lab activities if they completed the assessments.  I also gave students extra points on the post assessment for each question they got correct.  It was very easy for us to set this up and do it within our older LMS, but I'm finding it hard to figure out how I can easily do this within Canvas.

I am fine with NOT giving out any extra credit for completing the post-test, especially if we'd need to set up something that would require manually entering grades into the grade book, especially since we have 1000+ students who take this course each semester.

I'm essentially looking for a way to give my students a certain amount of points simply for completing these tests (e.g., if they complete a test, that can count as 10 points toward a lab assignment grade), while still being able to download some kind of report that will show me how many questions the students actually got correct on each item on the pre- and post-test.  Is this even possible?  If I set up a graded quiz, the actual number correct on the quiz will end up being the grade in the grade book, and we don't want to penalize students if they do not do well on these quizzes.  The quizzes are meant for us to gather information on whether we are meeting the course learning objectives.

I hope this makes sense.  In the end, perhaps I just need to set up practice quizzes and do my best to encourage students to take them, without giving any extrinsic motivators.  Still, however, I'm not sure if I can eventually download all the data I need from the practice quizzes since that information will not enter into the grade book.  Will it be possible for me to download summary statistics related to practice quizzes so I can report to the college on the problems students struggled with?

It looks like I can also set up a graded survey, but then again, it does not appear to me that this will give information to us about the percentage of students who correctly answered each item (even though it would allow us to give a straight 10 points for completion of the survey).

Thank you for your help!

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Thank you, Stefanie.  I assume then that you were still able to see what the actual scores were on the surveys, and to download the relevant statistics you needed, correct? 

 @everson_50 ​, yes, that's what was done, but fortunately, I did not have to do that either. Smiley Happy

Thank you!  Sadly, I have to do it, so I'm trying to figure out if there is an easy way...

 @everson_50 ​, all of this took place in a course that is now concluded, so I only have read-only access to it. Despite that, I was able just now to navigate to the survey through the Gradebook, and I can still generate the Survey Statistics (graphics of responses by question) and the Student Analysis report (a .csv listing students and their responses). If this will suffice, then you're golden.

How exactly did you get the survey statistics?  I have been playing around and I can see buttons for student analysis and item analysis (the latter being grayed out), but I don't see where to get the survey statistics.  Maybe this WILL work the way I am hoping it will work! 

Never mind my question about survey statistics.  I figured it out!  I was hoping I could take the survey in the student view and that this would show up for me so I could see what things will look like, but it's not quite working out that way.  Smiley Sad 

I'm hoping this will soon "click"!  Thank you again for your help. 

You're welcome,  @everson_50 ​! I can't take credit for having devised the solution--it was designed and implemented by the school's online learning team working in conjunction with various discipline chairs--but it was administered across scores of classes and worked like a charm, so it's been road-tested, if that provides some comfort. I think the key here is to make the grade contribution consequential. What student will ignore getting a free 5% boost to the final grade? Smiley Happy

Good luck.