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Academic integrity statements/questions on exams

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for examples of how I might include academic integrity statements or honor code pledges within online exams.  Do you do anything related to this that you would be willing to share?  I'm not sure if it would be better to include something within the directions of the assessment or as an actual question that students need to acknowledge by answering.  I would assume, if it's incorporated as a question, I would need to assign a point value to that question, correct?  

Thank you for anything you are willing to share.  I learn so much from this community and I am very grateful for it.


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Hi Michelle,

I don't have any stock language that is used, but I do like the idea of having it be a question rather than just including in the directions.  They are more likely to actually read it as a question; and you can make them act on and acknowledge it.  So my suggestion is to have the first question (assigned 0 points if you wish) be true or false with something like "The work on this exam is my own and I pledge to not use any outside sources or people to help me.  By clicking True I pledge that I will not cheat".  

The reason I'm suggesting True/False is that Canvas will grade it for you.   I know one person who made it an Essay asking students to enter their name as signature attesting to not cheating. Good idea, but when it came to grading there was no score in the gradebook until the instructor when through Speedgrader and entered a point value for all of the submissions.


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Thank you for responding, Rick.  This is very helpful!