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Accessing all student grades...

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Is there an easy way (like there is for the student when they log in on the right hand side) for an admin to access grades in all subjects (6 classes)?  Our counselor wants percentages and an easy way to print them.  I realize that you can go into each class, but they want an easier - all classes approach.

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Hi  @melissawetherby ​, I'm not much of a coder either, which is why I love working with our systems analyst who is. I know he is making API calls to display the data and I think he is also using Python and Go. We wanted to put this out on GitHub for other schools to use... let me see where we are on that, and report back to you.

I'm way behind on this thread, but I'd really be interested in learning more about the portal. We're having a hard time trying to manage both Canvas grades and PowerTeacher Pro and this would do exactly what we'd need. Can I send you an email with some specific questions?


On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 11:50 AM, <

Sure thing Brian, if you have any questions on this, I'm happy to help


While it seems like it should be trivial to build the feature into Canvas. Without wondering why it is not included, the work around would be somewhat tolerable if there were a simple way to get  a list of student Canvas numbers. Anyone know how?

At least then I could create a web page with links to each students grade page. As it is, we would need to access each student and write down the ID. If the number is in the database, there should be a way to get it out.

I figured it out. Will post tomorrow.

The simple solution is that you can find the numbers in the ‘Last User Access’ report. I have included the steps I took to create a list of links to all of our students.

I will see if I can use a similar method to create a single page that puts each student’s grade in separate iframe so each can viewed at the same time. If my programming were a bit better, it would probably be pretty simple to do this with a script. If anyone knows how to program hopefully you can expand on the idea.

In the new interface, go to Admin -> Your School

Click the Settings link

Click the Reports tab, then ‘Configure’ for ‘Last User Access’

Run the report for the desired terms

Once the report is done, download it and then open it in MS Excel

In Excel, sort by ‘user sis id’  to separate students from observers (if you use observers), then delete non-students

You may then wish to sort by ‘last access at’ and delete those who are no longer accessing the portal

Finally, sort by last name

You may leave all existing columns as they are, then in cell G2, paste the following formula:

="<a href="&CHAR(34)&""&A2&"/grades"&CHAR(34) & ">" & C2 & "</a><br />"


Use the fill handle to copy the formula down through all of the users

Copy the new column to the clipboard

Open Notepad (or another text editor) and paste the column into a new document


Save the document with a .htm extension

Open the HTML file and use the links to check grades.


You will need to be logged in as someone who has access to the grades.

NIce!! Thanks for sharing this!

If a teacher just wants these numbers for their class they can see How do I download scores from the Gradebook?

and when they do this they will have a csv file like this one below. The ID column is where all those Canvas assigned user numbers reside. It would be pretty easy to take that and concentrate this in a Google Spreadsheet or Excel and then you would have a link for every student in your class. This would make for a great PD session on using sheets.


Hi Jason -

I have found this method super useful in the past as a Canvas Admin. However, we never used Google SAML for our logins in my previous instance. I then provided this file to school administrators and they found it very useful for checking in with students.

Now I am at a school where we DO use Google SAML and I find that this method no longer works because when the student is on their own Grades page, you don't see the SIS ID as part of the URL.

The links function, but they send me to "my" grades as a teacher....

Do you have any ideas if there are any workaround to this problem?

Or does anyone else?

I'm willing to consider the Javascript/Grease Monkey idea but it means a lot more work with each administrator, and I am concerned that they will be leery of it.