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Accommodation compatibility questions

Are there text to speech software  compatible within canvas for the students that needed it. Also, the same question goes for a screen enlarger.

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There a large number of different types of screen readers available that will provide text to speech functionality. One of the most popular titles is JAWS from Freedom Scientific, for Windows. In a different life, my district had a site license for this software and used it extensively. Probably the best free screen reader, also for Windows, is a product called NVDA which can be found at: There is also a screenreader that runs in the Chrome browser and on Chromebooks called ChromeVox. I haven't used it, but it seems fairly popular. On the Mac side, Apple VoiceOver in OSX is really quite good.  I am not nearly as familiar with screen enlargers but I know there are a few out there including builtin functionality in both Windows and Macs. Hope this helps.

Community Team
Community Team‌, Randy gave you some great information. Also, the Accessibility within Canvas documentation is updated regularly.