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Add a Voki with javascript

I am trying to add a Voki to a course page.  I am able to add the older, html code that uses flash, but not the newer javascript code (I am using a https url)

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Community Team
Community Team

 @mstopa ​, I love Voki--but I haven't embedded Voki into a Canvas page in a while (for reasons I'll explain below), and at the time I was playing around with it, I was using the free version. I just went back to the site (probably for the first time in at least two years), and see embed codes are now only available for paying subscribers--so I'm not able to have a look at the code. Keep in mind that the Canvas Rich Content Editor will only support code that is on the Canvas HTML Editor Whitelist, and I suggest you compare the embed code you're using against the whitelist, because anything that is not supported will be stripped out, and then, of course, the embed won't work.

Why I'm not using it: Even when I was able to get embed code from Voki, way back when, I found that the embeds were problematic at best, and my workaround was to make a screencast of the Voki and upload the screencast file to the Canvas page. It wasn't perfect, but it worked.

If you'd like to post your code here, we can have a look at it...but I suspect that we'll find that there are incompatible attributes and elements in it that will prevent it from working in a Canvas page.

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<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">AC_Voki_Embed(400, 225,"31d9a5b222531a757fe4d067d7e46da7",12885919, 1, "", 0, 1);</script>

I assume the problem is the whitelist Smiley Sad

Oh, definitely,  @mstopa ​; I think nearly everything in there is unsupported. Even so, I'm going to change this to a discussion to invite open-ended participation, and I'll share it with the Instructional Designers​ group; if anyone can figure out how to make this work, they can, and I'd love to see a solution less kludge-y than my own that would allow me to embed Vokis again. If you're not already a member of the ID Group, it only takes a few clicks to join.


I have been embedding VOKI,  @mstopa , but I discovered I could only do it when in chrome. When using Firefx, I had to use the same version you did, but Chrome only showed one version..... I also use Voki Presenter, so I don't know if that made the difference.

I entered some code in Firefox which didn't work there, but after that I was able to view the Voki in Chrome.  To enter the code in Firefox I followed the instructions at:  Voki Tip of the Week: Adding Voki on Canvas – The Voki Blog – Expanding Education