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Add students help please - ASAP

I am not an admin, and for some reason as of yesterday afternoon, I can no longer add students to my course.  I am now receiving the message "We were unable to find matches below".  Prior to that, I could add the student by entering the email address, then adding their name.  Please help!  I have a class this afternoon and I still need students to be added ASAP.  Thank you!  

Laina Angel

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Have you checked out this guide on How do I add users to a course? Assuming you did, I can think of more than one reason why you cannot add students.

  1. You are not the teacher of the course anymore. Maybe someone who has access to your course accidentally changed your role. I've seen this happened to our school once.
  2. The email address you entered does not exist in Canvas. Are you trying to enter an email address supplied by your students and not the one encoded in your Canvas system?
  3. Have you checked the start and end dates for the course? Is the course published?

You could also try using Login ID or SIS ID when adding students. Lastly, try to contact your school canvas administrator. I bet he/she can help you with this problem easily.

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Good morning,

I have checked on all of those pieces. I still show as the teacher. I was previously able to simply add the individual’s email of choice, and another box would pop up after hitting next and it would simply ask me to add the person’s name so I could manually add them. For some reason it is working that way again, I was just getting super frustrated. For 24 hours I could not add anyone to the class no matter what I typed in. I appreciate the assistance and will be sure to reach out if it stops working again.

Thank you!



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