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Adding Apps

I hate asking this here because I know it was covered in one of the live trainings in the Admin series, but I can't remember what they showed us.

I'm trying to add apps to our account, but I can't remember where to get the consumer key and shared secret.

Can anyone walk me through adding an app? The Guides don't have the specifics of this.


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Hi Tamy Chapman,

So, for any approved App found listed under the 'Apps' tab under 'Settings' with Canvas Admin access, you would first need to contact the vendor and initiate with them. They will then send you the 'Key' and 'Secret' for your institution and the specific app, along with the instructions. Then all you do is follow the instructions, inputting the Key and Secret, and you should be good to go. I hope this helps.   ;>)

Oh. I thought there was a way to do it without contacting the vendor. Thanks for letting me know.

BTW, a great many of the approved Apps come at a cost, so they should always go through your eLearning Dept and/or your Canvas Admin for approval and budget considerations.    ;>)

Yes, I'm an admin. thanks.

Excellent Tammy... Glad to meet you! You never know who you are interacting with in this community. We have everyone from Directors to Admins and Students.   ;>)

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It really depends on the App. Many of them have an automatic process for helping you generating that key and secret. The best method to determine what to do for a particular app is to look on the EduAppCenter. For example, the OneNote page has a link to a place on Microsoft's site to generate a key and secret: OneNote Class Notebook


Yes, this was what I learned in the training. Thanks!

For the record, , don;t "hate asking here".

There is way too much going on for any one person to remember. That's why we have a Community, and we are always happy to answer your questions. We won't even laugh at you. Okay, I may giggle once in awhile, but I'll do it quietly.

Ha ha. Thanks!