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Adding annotation bars

Annotation Bars#@

How do I add the two annotation bars  to student assignments in speed grader?

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Hi Cynthia,

Can you clarify what you mean by adding "annotation bars" in Speedgrader?

There is a description of how to leave comments for students atHow do I leave feedback comments for student submissions in SpeedGrader?  

There isn't really an option in Speedgrader to save personal instructor notes just for yourself.  The place to do that is in the Notes column of the grade book, as described by in 


Community Team
Community Team‌, I'm wondering if you're referring to the annotation tools available in DocViewer: How do I add annotated comments in student submissions using DocViewer in SpeedGrader? If that's the case, the annotation bars display automatically for supported file types, as described in the lesson. I would design such an assignment with the assignment settings Online | File Upload | [limit file type] pdf doc docx to accommodate annotations.

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