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Adding new users to FFT

I am trying to add a large batch of new users. In the past I have used a merged list in the following format: "Firstname, Lastname" <email adress>, as the formatting but now it doesn't seem to work. It collects the email address and then asks me to add the name. When I click on the name it is not showing all of it. Please, can someone tell me what format to use to add multiple users at once?



I think I have figured out that I need to use a semi-colon between the entries and remove the quotation marks. When I do that, it does work, but it when I put in Lastname, Firstname it changes it to Firstname Lastname. Then in the student list it is sorted by first name. This would cause issues with my database.

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Use the following format:

John Smith <>;

Jane Smith <>;

If you must have first and last switched in order to sort (and the gradebook sort option won't work for you), then switch them around, but don't use commas.

It seems the boards are automagically adding some HTML.  The email section should be <JohnSmith(AT)> only, with the (AT) changed to @.

Then, on the next page, click the checkbox above all user names fields - should add them in.

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