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Adobe Connect LTI workaround + BigBlueButton pro/con

Hi there,

New Canvas admin here and I am WAY impressed with the resources I’ve been finding in this community!

So we signed on with Adobe Connect, and I have to say, I’m disappointed that the only LTI app I’m finding is eSync and it costs a whopping $9k for a tiny school like ours. If Connect isn’t integrated into Canvas (and no single sign-on or talking with a SIS), the drawbacks really outweigh the benefits.

I’ve seen some folks using tenuous workarounds from 2+ years ago so I thought I’d check in: Is anyone using Connect with Canvas without that expensive LTI and finding reasonable success?

And to piggyback on that, what are the pros and cons of BigBlueButton in practice for you all? I appreciate that it’s simple and open-source, though it feels a tad lightweight for what my teachers are used to.

Thank you all in advance!

—Tim @ Frontier Charter Academy

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Surveyor II

Hi Tim,

I'm Fred Dixon, the product manager for BigBlueButton.  I'm also the CEO of Blindside Networks, the company that started the BigBlueButton project.  We work closely with Instructure to provide hosting of BigBlueButton that you see as Canvas Conferences.  As such, to be clear, I don't speak for Instructure, but I do care deeply about making sure Canvas Customer have a good experience with Conferences.

BigBlueButton is integrated into the core of Canvas.  With my project management hat on, we definitely don't try to implement every feature of other products (and thus making it way too complex).  Rather, we focus on the core features of sharing media -- audio, video, slides, chat, screen -- and giving the instructor tools for engagement (polling, emojis, and breakout rooms).

You have Canvas Conferences built in -- and if it doesn't do what you need, let me know.  I can't promise we'll implement every feature, but I can promise that we focus our development on making it easy for the teacher engage remote students.

Regards,... Fred
BigBlueButton Developer