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Surveyor II

All posted grades have vanished! What reports can be run to try to figure out what happened?

I am a Canvas admin and I'm posting on behalf of my hubby who teaches at another higher ed institution that uses Canvas as their LMS. 

He logged into Canvas to enter grades for a particular course and discovered that all existing grades have vanished. All the assignments are there, but the entire Gradebook History is empty, as if he never entered any grades at all. Grades for the other course he is teaching are intact and the Gradebook History is accurate. He does not keep a copy of grades anywhere else but in Canvas, so he's very distressed.

I told him to send a ticket asking his admins to view grade change logs to possibly see what happened. They responded saying that the logs indicate he made 85 grades changes for the other course, but not for the course where the Gradebook History is blank. They checked the course itself and him as a user. And then, they said, sorry, regardless of Canvas or faculty error, the grades are not there and must be re-entered. 

OK, so that stinks, but I'm miffed that no one seems to care about why those grades have gone missing. There is absolutely no way that he forgot to enter the grades.

I feel like there's more investigating that can be done.

Couldn't they also go to Admin > Admin Tools > Logging > Grade Change Activity and look by assignment ID? Or by student? 

Also, wouldn't looking at Admin > Admin Tools > Logging >Login/Logout Activity for the dates when my hubby was logged in to enter grades verify that he's not crazy? (He is not required to use Canvas beyond posting a syllabus, so he logs in very rarely.) That would help verify that he DID login and entered grades.

Please, if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for your time.

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Adventurer III

Hi Helen,

A couple of questions:

1) Are courses, sections, and enrollments in Canvas automatically managed from the SIS system? 

2) Is all other content still there in the course where the grades are missing?

One thing that we've occasionally had happen is that a department will decide to change a section number "upstream" in the SIS system during the semester, which results in a completely new course being created in Canvas, but with the same name and all the same students.  Of course, it also has no content in it, so that may not totally be what you're seeing.

To answer your other questions, yes, the admins should be able to look at a record of his login activity on Canvas, to confirm which classes he was accessing.


Surveyor II

Hi Mike,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

1) Yes, I believe so.

2) Yes, all other content is still there.

That's interesting - thanks for sharing. I will ask him to ask if perhaps a new section number was created/changed.